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As the month of May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’re looking at organizations that work tirelessly to build a stronger cultural understanding between China and the US. Hainan Airlines is one of those organizations. Not only does the airline work to bridge the gap over miles of physical distance between the two cultures, but it also works to bring communities together to celebrate the Asian American, and notably the Chinese American, experience.

China is known for its excellence in quality of products and services and the people have an unparalleled sense of kindness and giving, which is often referred to as “oriental hospitality.” For over 20 years, Hainan Airlines has embraced this concept of “oriental hospitality” and has advocated a deep respect for its customers and the communities that it serves.

With over 10,000 employees all over the world, Hainan has now ventured into new territories, partnering with US carriers to create a more mutually productive travel experience to bring together people in North America with people on the Chinese Mainland.

With this involvement in the US comes a responsibility to highlight, and celebrate, the rich connection between the two nations. Hainan Airlines has integrated itself in the Chinese-American community through involvement with local cultural organizations. Most recently, Hainan was a sponsor of the Chinese Stars Movies series at the Seattle International Film Festival, with the aim of reaching an international community and raising awareness of Chinese culture. The airline also works with the China National Tourism Office in Los Angeles and New York to build a positive image of China amongst Americans and encourage travel and tourism.

These are just a few of Hainan’s commitments to showcasing the achievements and endeavors of the people it serves. Hainan Airlines continues to be dedicated to serving its customers by building a bridge of understanding and celebrating the unique aspects that make up the Asian American experience, and hopes to soar to even greater heights in this role in the future.

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