Former JetBlue Flight Attendant to Pay Airline 10K

Flying Slater Free


We all know the story about the beer drinking, cursing-out-passenger story of former JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater.

Albeit now with minor celebrity, Slater, has now incurred a $10,000 bill for his actions the last time he was working on a JetBlue flight. Payment of $831.25 per month will be made to JetBlue.

Slate will soon be releasing a book about his time in the travel world according to the New York Post.

He’s undergone counseling, went to rehab but I’m sure his ‘resignation’ will live on forever.

For old time’s sake, Slater’s final words:

“I’ve had it! To the passenger who called me a motherf—-r, f–k you! . . . I’m done!”

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