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All this week we’re giving you the chance to win a getaway for two to Montréal. The getting there part is easy, but what should you do once you’re on the ground? Here are five year-round things you can’t leave the city without doing.

Wander Around Old Montréal: Old Montréal dates back to the 17th century, and walking around it is one of the closest experiences you’ll get to traveling to an old European city without crossing the Atlantic. The cobbled streets and the horse-drawn carriages will whisk you straight back in town, and you’ll find great views of Downtown Montréal from the Champ de Mars.


Eat Montréal Delicacies: This shouldn’t be a trial – don’t forget to try a poutine (a mix of French fries, cheese curd and sauce – perfect comfort food), bagels and smoked meat to get a real feel for the Montreal food scene. Check out our post on foodie musts from Monday to see where to find them.


See the Botanical Gardens: Here’s one thing that you’d think should be confined to summer, but is actually good to visit all year round. Near Olympic Park outside of downtown Montréal, it’s one of the biggest in the world and keeps things switched up with displays that are good all year round. There are 30 themed gardens, but if it’s too cold outside, there’s plenty to see inside the 10 greenhouses.


Visit St Joseph’s Oratory: It’s new compared to the historic parts of Montréal – it was only completed in 1967, but the Oratory, perched on the slope of Mount Royal, is one of the must see sights. This year, Brother Andre, the monk who, in 1904, had the idea to build a shrine to St Joseph on the mountain, was declared a saint, so now’s the time to see it.


See the Jean Talon Market: A street marked where the locals go, if you’re in the mood to buy, you’ll find your standard fruit and vegetable stalls and local cheese, meats and products. If you just want to eat, you can probably eat a full meal from the samples handed out at the stores, or sit down at one of the cafes or creperies around the market.

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