Five Reasons to Visit Gregory's Coffee in NYC, IMG Cred: Aldo Singer

Enjoy a Different Taste of NYC

There are coffee chains out there that seem to attract all the tourists after they land off their flight to New York.  They need to catch their breath before lugging their suitcase back to their hotel, right?

Well you’ve been doing it in all the wrong places!

You can still get amazing coffee but without all of the hassle, I’m talking about Gregory’s Coffee.

It’s in the heart of the Big Apple and the new shot of caffeine to the coffee world.  It’s where experience and taste come together to create euphoria and turn you into a returning customer.

Here are five reasons you need to make Gregory’s Coffee your next stop when you need a coffee jolt.

Wi-Fi: Avoid paying any extra fees you might get by using Wi-Fi in your hotel, head to Gregory’s Coffee where the Wi-Fi is free!

The Experience: Other chains seem like a line at a slaughter house, just waiting to push you out the door.  At Gregory’s Coffee, that isn’t the case.  No one is giving you the crooked eye waiting for you to get up to take your seat. It’s a tasty experience that keeps you relaxed and cozy while you enjoy the free Wi-Fi. It’s the perfect place for a break from touring Times Square.

Variety:  Whether you’re a local or visiting, New York is all about being different, your coffee should be too.  Their menu offers up drip blends, espresso blend, cold brew, one harvest and single origins.

Food:  Straight from their website, “our kitchen is constantly cranking out new, interesting ideas to keep you from getting hungry.” How much more a reason would you need to come back when you’re in town? The ingredients are so fresh, whatever you order, it’ll dance divinely on your palate.

Mashable: Mashable left a raving foursquare comment about their Park Avenue location. Chances are if the witty people at Mashable love it, you will too!

Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook for their latest in tasty news, you can find them out at…

327 Park Avenue South
New York
(212) 979-8600

58 West 44th Street
New York
(212) 221-3811

551 Fashion Avenue
New York
(212) 764-6730

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photo: Aldo Singer

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