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Five Reasons to Book a Flight to Aruba Now

Eagle Beach


The “One Happy Island” spans only 75 square miles but is packed with activities and attractions. Don’t dismiss it as “too small” to enjoy. Here are reasons to book a flight to Aruba:
Proximity: Even though Aruba is 17 miles off the coast of Venezuela, which sounds as though it’s too far to reach, East Coast flights are direct and take only 4.5 hours. That’s as much time as you would take commuting from New York City to Washington D.C. by Amtrak! Within a few hours you arrive at a very sunny place where they welcome you with the Papiamento word Bon Bini…how can you argue with that?
Eagle Beach: Eagle Beach has been consistently voted as one of the top three beaches in the world, and the public beach is flanked by high-rise hotels like the Hyatt and Marriott to smaller, more boutique hotels like Manchebo and Bucuti. The truth is, anyone can enjoy Eagle Beach –not simply the hotel residents. The sand is one of the finest I’ve seen, and there are no pebbles —just white powdery softness. You won’t find seashells here, but only excellent turquoise blue swimming conditions with the ocean at bath temperatures pretty much all year round.
24/7/365 sunshine: Unlike some Caribbean islands that have a “cold spell” or wetter months, Aruba is truly sunny throughout the year. The reason for this is because of its location. The island is shielded from the typical tropical storm belt that affects Florida (because it is much further south) and therefore there are not a lot of hurricanes that affect Aruba. Apart from a few tropical showers, you won’t get your best laid plans ruined on “One Happy Island.”
Diverse Activities: Don’t simply dismiss Aruba as a place where the nightlife revolves around casinos (for some, they do). There are so many options available here for foodies, adventurers, and eco- and nature lovers alike. Spend an entire day on the other side of the island on Arikok National Park and go spelunking, or visit the Aloe Factory and learn more about the indigenous specialty of the island.
Affordable: Contrary to popular belief, you can have an affordable Caribbean vacation here. Check out the inexpensive airfares available and you’ll see that they won’t break the bank. Furthermore, you don’t have to stay in pricey accommodations if you’re on a budget. There are several rentals you can take for a week or more, at highly attractive prices. Although they don’t come with daily maid service, they do come with spectacular views and amenities.

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