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Road trips have become somewhat of an icon in America. These are no longer just something that retired couples do in a Winnebago during the summers. It’s become somewhat of a rite of passage for travelers in America to take road trips.

From college students traveling to a favorite metro, to couples taking cross country trips, to Harley rallies, to RVers; road trips have become just another element of travel in America. Below you’ll find some of the most quintessential drives in America.

Blue Ridge Parkway

It would be hard to argue against the Blue Ridge Parkway as one of the most beautiful drives in America. With access points up and down the 400 mile stretch, you can pick just about any location to get on the parkway and enjoy miles of great overlooks and beautiful scenery. For the absolute best of the parkway, make sure to visit in mid-October when the fall foliage is at its peak and before the winter weather closes down the roads.

Route 66

Although interstate highways have overtaken the original Historic Route 66, this is a classic drive through America. As you drive across each state line, you’ll notice the terrain drastically change to different scenery that is hard to imagine exists in America. Some of the best aspects of Route 66 is the landmarks that still exist along it, such as Cadillac Ranch, which you can see from the interstate and is a row of Cadillacs sticking halfway down in the soil.

Overseas Highway Route 1

A little shorter than some of the more classic road trips through America, the Overseas Highway is one of the most awe-inspiring and can be experienced any time of the year. The perfect drive for the beach bum, Key West travelers can best experience the drive by flying into Miami and then taking Route 1 through the keys. The highway offers some of the best views of the ocean from the road in America.

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California’s Pacific Coast

It can often be daunting thinking about driving the entirety of the California Pacific Coast, but this drive offers extraordinary views of the changing scenery of California. From rocky hills to sandy beaches to towering trees, each curve brings new scenery. No matter where you start or end your drive along the Pacific Coast, make sure it includes Big Sur, which offers some of the best scenery of the coastline.

Outer Banks Highway

The pride and joy of North Carolina is the outer banks, featuring its unique double coastline. Although not offering the same quality highways that you’d find on most American drives, the Outer Banks Highway is the perfect place to put the windows down and take in the sights of the beautiful sandy beaches of the North Carolina coast. Kitty Hawk and a line of lighthouses are just some of the landmarks to see along the Outer Banks.

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