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Cheap Car Rental Rates & Reservations

Make your summer road trip plans now and save! From spacious sedans to RV trip plans.

Whether you’re more interested in a road trip with kids or sightseeing at national parks, road trips are one of the most convenient ways to explore a destination. CheapOair has an amazing selection of car rental and hotel deals to make road trips around the USA easy and budget-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Book cheap car rental and hotel deals on CheapOair and get the most out of your next summer road trip.

How can I get a cheap car rental?

  • Try to book in advance. Search online to get an idea of the car rental rates.
  • You may be able to save if you pay upfront while booking.
  • Use credit card rewards when you do the bookings.
  • You can rent a car along with booking flights and hotels and save a lot.
  • Renting at the airport can be more expensive than booking a car online.

How far in advance should I book to get cheap car rentals for road trip plans?

Much like flying, finding cheap car rentals will depend on seasonality. The time of year and the destination you’re traveling to will have a huge impact on pricing. If you’re going to a popular destination during the holidays, you should find cheap car rentals for road trip plans as soon as you can. You can expect car rental prices to start rising around three months before peak travel season. If your trip is not during peak travel season, you may be able to wait a little longer, but you’re not guaranteed to get the exact type of car rental you prefer. You may still be able to book a cheap car rental up to 48 hours before your trip, but it’s still better to book your car rental as soon as your flights are booked.

Can I rent a car on the same day I’m traveling?

Yes! You can get discounts on last-minute car rentals if you’re lucky. However, we recommended making your reservation in advance to get the car you want. At peak times, you may also end up paying increased rates if you haven’t had prior bookings.