Rickshaw Dumplings Food Truck

During the latter end of the decade, New York has been bombarded by a new culinary movement: The Food Truck. It’s a little more advanced than meals on wheels; it is a must have foodie experience for any tourist. The phenomenon is so up and coming, there is even a food truck awards for various categories showing praise to these delectable, moveable treats. You can satisfy any craving, whether it is your sweet tooth, exotic tongue or simply a good ole American burger. Any flight to New York City is extra appetizing when you visit the following food trucks.

Rickshaw Dumplings Food Truck:
Dumplings are not only a traditional name to call your sweetheart; they are tasty little Asian treats that are delicious and healthy. Rickshaw Dumplings believes in all natural ingredients combined with unique Asian spices. One look at the menu: From Chicken and Thai Basil dumplings to Peanut Sate Noodle Soup, this truck is worth stalking all week long.

Schnitzels and Things: If you've never had a schnitzel and you get a giggle out of the word, the best place to go is the Schnitzel & Things food truck. This traditional Austrian dish is composed of breaded and fried meat cutlet. Squeeze a bit of a juicy lemon and you have schnitzel perfection. They are a proud winner of the Vendy Awards; winning Rookie of the Year in 2009. Their latest development is a public fixed location; in case you are tired of running after this truck. (Even if you work up a good schnitzel appetite.)

The Frying Dutchman: Though technically, the owners of this truck are not Dutch, they serve up a fantastic serving of Belgian-style French Fries. Patat Frites (French Fries) in the Netherlands are a quick and tasty treat that’s easy to eat on the go.  Go beyond putting ketchup on your fries; go wild and try interesting sauces such as Guava Lava: Caribbean guava ketchup or Lock n' Loaded: Sour Cream, bacon and New York Cheddar Cheese.

Wafles and Dinges: Another Belgian treat is the warm, toasty waffle. Americans usually spoil themselves with waffles on a lazy Sunday morning, or when they are staying in a hotel. Now, you can enjoy waffles all day long, with a sweet twist. Fulfill your sweet tooth with toppings like nutella, dulce de leche or vanilla bean ice cream.  If you become a friendly customer, you might even be the Waffleur/Wafflette of the week!

Super Taco: Priding themselves in being one of the first food trucks before the culinary craze, Super Taco was the original Mexican street food option. With fresh tacos, burritos and other lesser known Mexican varieties, they became the model for other food trucks to follow. The best part is this option is a budget treat; most choices are less than $10; giving you traditional "without the bun" experience that's the same price as Taco Bell.

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