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Made it All These Years With Only 2 Kinds of Beer

Though the beer capitals of the world can easily be given to Munich, Prague or Bruges, one can't underestimate the party city capital of the world: New York City. Grab cheap flights to New York City and soak in the nightlife and happy hour scene that doesn't stop, nor should your quest for quenching your thirst with a few pitchers of the city's finest beer.


McSorely's Old Ale House: Imagine visiting a brewery that existed before you were born, or even your parents. With their
clever motto, McSorley's Ole Ale House has been serving up pints since
1854. It is New York City's oldest operated saloon. Located in the heart
of the East Village, it was also one of the last of the "Men Only" pubs
in the city. Enjoy the rustic atmosphere of aged newspaper articles and
sawdust floors while you reminisce with Old New York paraphernalia on the
walls.  There is nothing like the claim to fame that you've had a beer
at the same place Abraham Lincoln once downed a cold one.


Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden: With summer in full swing, there is nothing like looking forward to sharing a couple of rounds with good friends or coworkers while enjoying the NYC sunset. Though it may be an urban metropolis, you can get the feeling of a European Bavarian style beer garden in Astoria, Queens. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden has actually existed for a century; serving delicious draft pitchers. Not only can you enjoy a fun night out; the venue can even be rented for a wedding!

Blind Tiger: With a strange name like Blind Tiger, who would imagine it is one of the best places for the NYC beer scene. Open seven days a week till 4 a.m., get your fill of pil (Pilsner) no matter what your heart desires. Fill your stomach with delicious appetizers and hearty sandwiches so you won't regret that beer drinking in the morning!  This beloved microbrewery will make you try all sorts of new flavors; it is almost sinful to order a Bud!

Waterfront Ale House: Who doesn't enjoy a delicious beer and a picturesque view of the NYC skyline? Serving up mouthwatering food and craft beers is the Waterfront Ale House; located in Brooklyn Heights. Besides serving up the best in beer, you can enjoy specialties in Whiskey and Tequila. But, face it: You're a beer lover who can especially enjoy Brooklyn's own Brooklyn Brewery beer.


The Ginger Man: For over two decades, the Ginger Man which
originated in Texas made its way up North to NYC to serve 70 taps and
160 bottles of fine quality beer. Fulfill your beer delicacies with
Amber Ales, Lagers and even Fruit Beers. If you can't stay for the
party, enjoy beer to go; whether it is their specialty beer or any of
the 150 bottle selection, the Ginger Man really should be called the
Beer Man.

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