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Experience the Authentic Side of Germany!

What exactly do you know about Germany? There is a lot to know about this large Western European country. With such German destinations like the capital Berlin and famous Munich for its Oktoberfest celebration, Frankfurt often gets overlooked. This large city and often nicknamed portal to Europe should be on your radar. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to book cheap tickets to Frankfurt from all around the world, because it’s a great place to experience authentic Germany!

Explore Römerberg

You can spend days taking a trip through history around the Römerberg area, Frankfurt's Old Town. This well preserved city center dates back to the 12th century where large trade fairs were held. Take a glimpse at the traditional triangular styled German houses that were rebuilt after Frankfurt was heavily bombed in 1944 during World War II. (It was even considered the most beautiful square in the Holy Roman Empire of Germany)This silhouette has become famous to Frankfurt and to German history as it is a timeless piece that reminds us of typical Germany.

Get Historical at the Historisches Museum

Now that you’ve explored the historical district of Frankfurt, you’ll probably want to learn more about this city. The Historisches Museum of Frankfurt offers your glimpse into Frankfurt history without the long and thick textbook. You can explore the museum grounds on your own, or enjoy a public guided tour, which is included in the admission fee. Exhibits include stories about World War II, hundreds and thousands of photographs from personal and professional collections and Frankfurt paintings of centuries ago. Don't forget, there is free admission every last Saturday of the month!

Get German food at Fichtekränzi

Most likely, you won't be able to pronounce the name of this restaurant, but trust us when we say; you'll agree and think it is worth trying to pronounce it. Sink your teeth into traditional German cuisine at Fichtekränzi. Dating back to 1849, it was one of the oldest apple wine restaurants. For a place that is over 150 years old, it looks as good as new; preserved in time with German styled beer garden tables indoors and outdoors. Traditional German dishes you must try include Frankfurter sausages, homemade sauerkraut and bread crumbed pork, or schnitzel.

Walk along the River Main

The simplest thing to do in Frankfurt (and budget friendly) is to take a stroll along the River Main, especially in the summertime when temperatures get into high digits. The famous river that flows over 300 miles was once called the Main line. This was a historical and political divine as the northern border of South Germany, which was predominantly Catholic. You'll see lots of locals walking along the river, or playing simple sports on a nice day.

Learn some German at 

Get your true German experience at the Goethe Institut; Germany's cultural institution. You may have seen their locations around big cities, like New York where many Germans live. The one located in Frankfurt is most important, because the city is home to its name sake; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Born in Frankfurt, he was a man of many trades; a writer, artist and politician. This is where you can learn all about German culture, society and of course, language. Anyone who loves anything and everything German must make a stop here!

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