Continental tests out self-boarding at Houston Intercontinental


Self-boarding has arrived in the U.S.A.  No more agents taking your boarding pass or making inspections, you’re on your own.


Continental Airlines is testing the procedure at a gate at its hub in Houston Intercontinental. It’s the first attempt at what’s called “self-boarding” in the U.S.


Self boarding allows passengers to swipe their boarding passes – much like customers of the New York City Subway – at a kiosk reader at the gate. This process opens the turnstile or door to the jet-bridge. 


Although an agent isn’t there to receive the pass, one is typically present to handle issues and other customer service tasks.



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  1. ekwang

    what’s happened to customer service? To me it’s more hassle when luggage has to be checked anyway. Assuming that EVERYBODY is literate and self-boardable has made the US airlines fall WAY BEHIND in customer care when compared with other airlines in other parts of the world – even the under-developed world.


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