From the lavish resorts to the white/black sandy beaches on Hawaii, how does one traveler fit so many activities into one trip? Well, it may not be possible to do and see everything the island has to offer, so let’s break it down.

When visiting Honolulu there’s an endless amount to explore. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a traveler who enjoys excursions, or just likes to enjoy the views of this incredible island, here are some bucket-list worthy activities to keep in mind while you’re there.

Kayak to the Mokes

Gear up and prepare to paddle! Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or going solo, kayaking to the Mokulua Islands is an adventure you’ll never forget. Rent your paddles and kayak from a local shop and request for someone to assist you with getting your equipment all set up. You’ll find the Mokes on the East side of Oahu and can get there by leaving your kayak in Kailua or in Lanikai and going from there on foot. As you kayak through the blue waters be sure to enjoy the views and don’t forget your (waterproof) camera!

Hike the Diamond Head Crater

Woman at the top of Diamond Head

If kayaking and watersports aren’t your things then maybe a hike up Diamond Head Crater will be the perfect activity to add to your bucket list. Pack your best hiking shoes and brace yourself for major stair-climbing — up 560 feet to be exact! The trail was built in 1908 on the base of the Diamond Head crater by the US Army and was used as part of their military base. Diamond Head is now a state national park where tourists flock to capture the 360 views from the top. Hike through tunnels, climb stairs, and walk through a bunker to get to complete your hike. This activity isn’t just for athletic travelers — anyone with stable legs and arms can certainly join the hiking fun as well!

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Watch a Surfing Competition

We all know that surfing in Hawaii is gnarly, but have you ever witnessed a major competition (in real life)? If not, add this one to your list. Oahu’s winter surf contests on the North Shore is the best time for pro surfers to catch their biggest rides. From October through December, Hawaii is filled with surfers from both around the state and from around the globe. A few of the competitions that you can see for yourself while in Oahu are the HIC Pro and The Vans Triple Crown Surfing with three events happening throughout November and December. If you’re planning to attend any of these events don’t regret not taking your binoculars along so you can closely watch the surfers’ skills.

Cage Dive with Sharks

cage diving with sharks

Are you one who loves an adrenaline rush? If so, add this one to your list! Step into a metal cage and plunge into shark-filled waters. We know this may sound bizarre and extreme and you’re probably right, but if you cage dive with the right tour you’ll be fine. It’s a great way to get as close as you hopefully ever will to sharks. You can book a tour with North Shore Shark Adventures to get out and say “aloha” to your new underwater friends.

Visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation

dole pineapple plantation

If you’re interested in learning about agriculture in Hawaii, visit the Dole Plantation and have a blast learning about the history of Hawaii’s pineapples. It’s a popular tourist attraction with one million visitors per year. There’s more than just a bunch of fruit here; the plantation provides fun group tours such as the Pineapple Garden Maze, the Pineapple Express Train Tour, and the Plantation Garden Tour. If you get to visit this incredible plantation, don’t leave without purchasing a fresh pineapple to enjoy at home!

Did we miss any bucket-list worthy activities in Honolulu? Let us know in the comments!

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