British Airways plans to fly normally during strike


British Airways announced Wednesday that it will increase their schedule during the Unite union strike that will take place May 30 to June 3. This comes as the airline revealed more workers than expected continued to work during the strike rather than walk during the last round of strikes that took place this week.


In the meantime British Airways is advising passengers with tickets to not come to the airport until the airline contacts them with information regarding their travel plans. If the airline does not call within a few hours of the flight, passengers should call British Airways directly.


British Airways announced that it plans to increase its longhaul and shorthaul schedule at London’s Heathrow Airport to more than 70 percent and 55 percent respectively, up from this past week’s 60 percent and 50 percent schedule.


BA stated that it will continue to fly to every shorthaul destination on its network and plans to fly more than 75 percent of customers that currently hold a ticket for travel between May 30 and June 3. Other passengers will eb able to use their ticket on various alternate airlines that BA worked out a deal with during the strike. The airline also said in a statement that refunds are available for customers whose flights have been canceled.



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