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We know that when it comes to planning a vacation, the cost of getting there is usually what hits us hardest in the wallet. Accommodations, food, and a fun-filled budget are up there for sure, but it’s the plane tickets that are more often than not the priciest part of any trip. So it makes sense that if you want to save some cash, domestic getaways are the cheapest option, right? 

Well, what if we told you that a trip to another country can actually end up costing you less!

That’s right, some globetrotting adventure is just some shockingly cheap international flights and some easy travel tips away. Say goodbye to predictability and take off to a whole new world of experiences!

San Diego? Go to San José Del Cabo Instead!


San Diego is famous for its mild weather, but if it’s a beach getaway you’re after, then why not save some dough and check into the sleepy Mexican coastal town of San José Del Cabo. Compared to its bustling neighbor, Cabo San Lucas, San José is a tranquil alternative. Boasting idyllic Pacific beaches, quiet shopping, a thriving local art scene and a picturesque main square, San José is a haven for those in need of a little sun, sand, and relaxation.

Florida? Why Not Trade in for a Cancun Trip?


Florida is in no way short of sun-kissed shorelines and turquoise seas, but just two hours away, lies the warm Caribbean sands of Cancun. This Mexican city, on the Yucatán Peninsula, is a place like no other! With fine dining and a famously wild nightlife, Cancun is a tropical paradise blessed with white powdery beaches and crystal clear seas. On top of that, you will also be a stone’s throw away from visiting the evocative and intriguing Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza!

Where will you go on your next global adventure? Grab cheap international flights to get there today!

Colorado? Why Not Just Hop the Border to Toronto?


Colorado may be dense with gorgeous alpine scenery, but Toronto is abuzz with intercontinental activity! Just a hop, skip and some cheap international flights away, Canada’s biggest city delivers on some of the world’s finest restaurants, museums, bars, and clubs. And it doesn’t disappoint. The city’s electric energy is often attributed to the fact that Toronto is the most multiculturally diverse city in the entire world! Toronto is sure to take your holiday to the next level!

Albuquerque? Forget About It, Go to Mexico City Instead!


Why go to New Mexico when you can experience the real deal for less! Mexico City is the most populous metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere and seamlessly blends contemporary city life with historic preservation. From world-class museums to awe-inspiring architecture, a growing culinary scene and old-school cantinas, there is so much for you to love about Mexico City! And let’s not forget the mezcal.

Miami? Don’t Think So. San Juan For Sure!


If you want tropical sun on a budget, then look no further than Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan. This Caribbean hot spot is the perfect place for you to unwind. Whether you’re strolling through shaded cafes, taking in colorful colonial houses and 500-year old Spanish forts, or just soaking it up on a ribbon of white sand, San Juan will leave you mesmerized. And then there’s the nightlife! All within your reach, only three hours from Miami.

Have a favorite cheap international adventure? Tell us all about it below!

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