Is there any food more universally craved than the humble pizza? We think not and definitely understand why everybody loves this hot oven treat, especially when they’re traveling and out having fun. Typically, you can be anywhere in the world and find a slice, but we can’t guarantee it’ll be the best. There’s a number of great pizzerias that flourish across the globe, so narrowing down a list of the world’s very best pizza destinations may seem like a half-baked idea. Nevertheless, we’re certain our look at the planet’s 7 pizza perfect places is a tasty one to consider and will have you hankering to hit the road for a slice of the action ASAP!


Chicago deep dish pizza
Chicago may be famous for its deep dish pizza (and with good reason) but that’s hardly the only show in town. Chi-Town excels at offering a range of pies for all appetites. But for the thickest local claim to fame head to Pequod’s Pizza where Chicago style deep dish “with caramelized crust” is de rigueur.


Pizza in Melbourne
A Down Under dream for fans of Italian food (and coffee), Melbourne, Australia – with its large Italian heritage community – is home to some of the southern hemisphere’s best pizzas. As for the absolute best, that’s a toughie! But you can’t go wrong with Neapolitan style offerings at +39 or at Beer, Wine and Calzone.

New York

Di Fara Pizza NYC

Image via Flickr CC-apasciuto

A list of the greatest cities for pizza that excludes New York? Fuggedaboutit! The city seems to run on having access to good quality cheap pizza to keep it moving, and slices are walloped in a New York minute. Where to start for recommendations? If we had to choose only one pizzeria, we might go with award-winning Di Fara, owned and operated by Domenico DeMarco, in Midwood, Brooklyn since 1964 (remember to allow time to wait in the infamous line to be served).


Pizza in Italy
Europe’s epicenter of haute couture and high-end shopping is also phenomenal for foodie foraging with some of the most (and most awesome) pizzerias in Italy. Inquiring with the locals which pizzeria is numero uno might create a fracas but most Milanesi in the know should agree Gino Sorbillo’s Lievito Madre al Duomo is among the very top contenders. Get there early though as this pizzeria only makes 400 pies a day. But if you miss your chance don’t fret too much — you’ll find a multitude of more than adequate options on nearly every street corner.


Pizza in Italy
Neapolitans have long held their city is the ancestral home of la pizza. And now it’s official! In December 2017, the southern Italian city of Naples was awarded Unesco World Heritage status for its tradition of pizza making. Ideal settings to see pizza dough twirled high in the air and to devour the city’s beloved wood-fired, oven-baked wonders include Pizzeria Starita, Pizzeria Sorbillo, and of course the obligatory L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

New Haven

New Haven Pizza

Image via Flickr CC-Ed Schipul

Connecticotians know New Haven’s apizza is the dream cuisine with a thin crust, oregano, tomato sauce, and grated pecorino romano cheese. Moreover, they’d tell anybody who asks that the place you’ve gotta try a New Haven pie is at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana.


Pizza in Rome
All roads lead to Rome and this is excellent news for pizza lovers. The city’s iconic rectangular slice doubled over to be eaten like a sandwich and enjoyed caminando (while walking) is arguably the most delicious street food in the universe. For the real Roman deal go to Antico Forno Roscioli, a bakery in the neighborhood of Campo de’ Fiori, with ovens that date back to 1824.

Did we leave out your favorite pizza city? We’d love it if you shared your tips on where to grab a great slice!

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