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Bask in Berlin's Museum Island, IMG Cred: Amy Wiener

Soak Up the Amazing Architecture!


Museum Island is one of the best places for a tourist to visit in Berlin.  The Island is comprised of five world class museums with construction dating back to 1824, and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Not only are the contents of the museums incredible, but the buildings themselves are world renown for their architectural design and rich history.   The museums’ collections come from a variety of sources, but began with the personal collections of the Prussian Royal Family.
I attended both the Neues Museum and the Pergamon, perhaps the most famous of Berlin’s Museum Island.   The Pergamon museum is best known for the treasure that gives it its’ name, the Pergamon Alter, found between 1878 and 1886, and dating back to the 2nd century BC.  The frieze has been reconstructed in a massive and awe inspiring display of ancient artistry and pagan worship. The museum also holds the famous, Ishtar Gate, referred to as the Gates of Babylon.  A reconstruction depicts the processional way, decorated to discourage visitors with ill intent and used as the ceremonial celebration site for the New Year.   The Pergamon holds its portion of The Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Museum of Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art.
The Neues museum has more modern structures due to its somewhat recent reconstruction, but a comparable collection of antiquities as far as age, condition and variety.  The Neues is best known as the home of the famed bust of Nefertiti, believed to have been painted on limestone around 1345 BC. The sculpture is beautiful and still quite vibrant, considering its age.  The museum is home to its own Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection, the museum for Pre and Early History, and the Russian and Germans, 1000 years of Art, History and Culture exhibits.
You cannot go to Berlin without taking advantage of the proximity, vastness, and awe inspiring collections of Museum Island.  It is the best way to see so much antiquity in such a close space. There are a variety of options for ticket purchase, including two museum passes for one day, three-day passes, all island passes, student discounts and group rates.   Audio tours come complimentary with your ticket purchase.
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photo: Amy Wiener

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