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With so many neighborhoods in;New York City, how do you choose where to go and what to see? Also, with the extensive subway system, it's easy to get around. This is especially true when visiting the Upper West Side. This upscale and residential neighborhood is also home to cultural and intellectual facilities, along with picturesque places that are quintessentially New York.

Columbus Circle

Named for fame explorer Christopher Columbus, this landmark is the beginning of the Upper West Side. While locals merely know this as a traffic circle (That is oh so entertaining to watch and easy to spot from above on a cheap flight into New York!), there is a lot more in this area to see. First of all, you can see a statue of Columbus in the middle of the circle that was made to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Columbus in the Americas. There is also Shops at Columbus Circle, the CNN NYC headquarters, the classy Mandarin Hotel and Trump International Hotel and Tower. Another commemorative spot is the USS Maine National Monument, which is one of the entrances to Central Park.

Riverside Park

Central Park sure is scenic, but don't let it make you think it doesn't have competition. Riverside Park is a scenic waterfront park that stretches 4 miles from 72nd Street to 158th Street. Did you know it is an official designated scenic landmark of New York City? The park has a plethora of things to do like sports, bike and walking trails and scenic views. One includes Grant’s Tomb; the large and gorgeous mausoleum that holds the late General and US President Grant and his wife.


Lincoln Center

We're not sure what is better: seeing the facility of Lincoln Center, or going to see one of its world renowned shows? Get your cultural fix at this center which has 29 indoor and outdoor performance venues, including Alice Tully Hall- a concert hall and Avery Fisher Hall0 a symphony hall and home to the NY Philharmonic. And don't forget the breathtaking Metropolitan Opera House where you can see the best views inside or out.

Columbia University

Though the technical boundaries of the UWS end at 110th Street, some like to consider Morningside Heights as part of the UWS. The neighborhood would be proud to include Columbia University; an Ivy League center for higher education in their list. This is the oldest institution of higher learning in the State of New York; founded in 1764 as King's College. While you have to have top grades to get into this prestigious University, you can be a polite tourist and view this beautiful campus. Take a stroll through the College Walk to get to Low Memorial Library; a sight that will make you want to be a student again. Everything is a sight to see at Columbia. 


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Photo credit: Mogwai YT



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