Today is Amazon Prime Day. Also known as the Black Friday of summer, it’s the online retail giant’s second annual site-wide sale for the hardcore web shoppers who are signed up for the site’s membership program: Amazon Prime. The membership features two-day free shipping and streaming video access (along with some other perks) for a yearly fee. With so many goodies on sale to choose from, it can be pretty easy for shoppers to feel overwhelmed. But if you’re a frequent traveler looking to score some new gear for less than you’d normally pay, today might be your lucky day.

Here’s a list of the coolest tech and other products that any traveler could get some serious use out of…and are also on sale during Amazon Prime Day. Hurry now — deals valid only while supplies last, and all offers end tonight at midnight.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
If you're someone who enjoys trekking through the great outdoors or traveling to less developed countries, then a LifeStraw can be a lifesaver. Some people are willing to pay a fortune to have clean drinking water anywhere they go, anytime they want. But after today, you won't have to. List price: $25.00 Deal price: $14.96
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GoPro HERO Session Bundle
Did a vacation really happen if you didn't record it? For the active and adventurous traveler, having a GoPro is essential, although they usually break the bank. Here's your chance to finally get in on the action. The GoPro Bundle includes a Remote, Memory Card, and Carrying Case. List price: $342.46 Deal price: $199.0
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Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle
Any traveling bibliophile can attest to the fact that hauling books around the world can be a pain. So for those who desperately need to read on planes, trains, and buses, the Kindle is the perfect light-weight travel companion. The Kindle Bundle includes the e-book reader (with special offers), Amazon Leather Cover (black), and Power Adapter. List price: $279.97 Deal price: $204.97
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Stalion Armband iPhone 6 or 6S PLUS
Going for a run in a foreign city can be the best and most fulfilling way to get to know it. Unfortunately, lugging around an iPhone 6/6S PLUS can hinder the experience, and if you leave it at home you might miss the perfect selfie moment. The Stalion armband helps ensure all sunset beach jogs are as enjoyable as they can get — with your favorite tunes AND the ability to snap some breathtaking shots for Instagram. List price: $14.99 Deal price: $6.39
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Mountaintop 40L Water-Resistant Backpack
For trekkers gearing up for their next backpacking trip, (maybe across Europe or Asia?), a sturdy backpack is a must. It's durability means it WON'T wear down from use and rip open at the worst moment, like on a busy street in Taiwan. And if you're more active, something like this can be used for hiking and camping too. What makes this backpack so great is that with padded straps and a multitude of pockets, you can carry a ton of stuff in it and you're sure it won't hurt your back. Oh, it's not only water-resistant but also comes with a rain cover, so you're stuff will stay dry and safe. List price: $39.99 Deal price: $31.00
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Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices (Silver)
Making sure you're on time for all your flights, tours, and appointments is vital when you're a busy traveler. The Pebble Smartwatch is not only sleek for the fashion-forward frequent flyers but also tracks sleep and activity, making sure you're doing the best you can to avoid jet-lag. List price: $219.95 Deal price: $159.99
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Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid (20 oz)
Constantly needing to buy coffee while traveling can add up. And sometimes you don't want to wait in the hotel to have your morning cup of joe. With a travel mug, you can bring your hot beverages anywhere you go. The Contigo's Autoseal technology is famous for keeping in liquids, so you're sure to never spill. The bottle itself is ultra ergonomic and fits comfortably in any sized hand. List price: $15.81 Deal price: $10.99
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iXCC 8000mAh Compact Power Bank (Pink)
You never know when or where you might have to make an emergency call or send your boss an important work e-mail. And we've all been somewhere without any outlets in sight. Backup chargers for all your little machines can be a travel lifesaver when you're in a pinch. The battery holds enough juice to charge your phone 5 times and with 3.4A of output, it works ultra-fast. The only downside (for some at least) is that it only comes in pink. List price: $49.99 Deal price: $13.99
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DuraComfort Microfiber Hair Towel (Large)
For women travelers, grappling with hair drying can sometimes make or break a day of vacation. Bringing a hair dryer with you is tedious, and they're not always available at hotels. A towel is always handy to have in case of emergency spills and accidents, and an ultra-absorbent, light-weight one like this can easily fit into your carry on. Plus a microfiber towel will dry your hair faster than a normal towel, making getting ready in the morning a breeze. List price: $29.99 Deal price: $10.29
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Bose SoundTrue Around-Ear Headphones II
Everyone knows that listening to babies cry on an airplane is one of Dante's Infernos. To avoid the pain, snag one of Bose's best-selling products, guaranteed to let you hear only the sounds you want to hear. Be warned though, these are for Apple devices only. List price: $179.00 Deal price: $99.95
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