Alabama beach town sees oil come ashore


The BP oil spill, which has hampered the travel and tourism industry along the Gulf Coast already, is now reporting even more oil showing up on certain beaches.


CNN reported Thursday that oil from the spill has now made its way to Alabama's popular coastal town Orange Beach.


Fisherman, boaters and beach-goers have been denied access to Perdido Pass, with the U.S. Coast Guard closing it down until they can figure out what to do with oil that has made its way through the pass.


BP and the government attempted to block the oil from making its way to Alabama's beaches, but waves of oil have been able to get through the thousands of feet of booms anyway.


Locals are angry and are demanding more be done by the oil company and the Obama administration. The once white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters along Alabama's coastline have been tarnished with the black goop. 


Source: CNN 

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