This past Saturday Air Canada workers decided to get into the Christmas spirit at Vancouver Airport with an impromptu song and dance routine. 


As the employees belted out "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" right in the middle of the airport, travelers looked on smiling (although some were looking pretty confused as well). 


The band in the video is called Abandon Paris, which is led by an Air
Canada employee. The band is a popular Vancouver act that even performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The dancers are from The Arts Umbrella Dance Company, a well known arts organization in Vancouver.


Here's hoping your holiday travel is as enjoyable as the one in this festive video. 

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  1. J. Jasper

    I love it! It reminds me of an old movie musical or Elvis movie where everyone just breaks into song and dance, lol. My brother is the guitar player and our uncle, Lee Jasper recently retired from Air Canada (pilot).


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