A New York Travel Guide for Jeremy Lin, Flickr: Ralph Hockens

Enjoy a New York Hot Dog Lin!

He landed off his flight to New York on December 27th last year his star quickly took off!

So I’m sure New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin hasn’t had much time to experience all that New York has to offer.

Here are five things Linsanity himself should experience during his time (hopefully very long time) in the Big Apple.

Gray’s Papaya: Nothing says New York like a tasty hot dog from Gray’s Papaya.  Not as cheap as they used to be but still taste just as great. Hey Lin, don’t forget your choice of drink whenever you order two hot dogs from Gray’s Papaya.

Lower East Side: Not sure if Lin is single but he’ll sure find a lot of admirers on a Saturday night in the Lower East Side. The new guy in town is always lonely!  Just make sure you don’t have a game the next day Lin! But you’re smarter than that anyway.

Take in a movie: Avoid Midtown at all costs Lin, you’ll be surrounded by not only people talking about you, but people talking about the movie too.  Go to theaters like the Sunshine on Houston Street. You ‘ll get some awesome popcorn flavors there.

Slice of New York pizza: Whether it’s Ray’s or Two Bros. There are tons of pizza shops in New York that offer up tasty slices.  Just don’t eat too much Lin, we don’t need you slowing down!

Museums: We all know you’re a Harvard grad so you’re going to need some culture and stimulation.  New York offers many great museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Sex, choices are endless.  

So Lin, enjoy New York, the town is certainly enjoying  your play.


Photo: Ralph Hockens

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