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Make Sure You've Got the Right Umbrella!

You’ve heard it before- there is nothing like a true New Yorker. Many films and television shows have given you the impression that New Yorkers are their own species. Some are known to be rude and in your face, while others will help you out of a pickle when you need it. If there is one thing that New Yorkers are known for it is their pet peeves and knowing these before taking a flight to New York City will make you feel less like a tourist and more like a New Yorker.

Stand to the Right on an Escalator

We’ve all got a place to go and usually, when in New York City, you’re in a rush to get there. With an extensive subway system that runs 24/7, New Yorkers rely on it to at least try to get to where they need to be on time. What usually grinds our gears is when we’re on an escalator and no one follows the rule to “Stand on the right.” The left side of the escalator is for marathon escalator climbers who want to walk up. Anyone standing on the left side will usually be yelled at and/or trampled over to move.


When you’re not taking a subway to get around, you’ll love riding in the famous yellow NYC cab. That is, if you can even get one. In the media, we always see someone like Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City catch a cab quickly and easily. Unfortunately, this is not the real case in New York City. Yelling “taxi” will not get you a taxi-cab any faster since the streets are so loud and adding to the noise will not help. Try to stand on a corner (away from others looking for cabs) and simply raise your arm and keep it up while trying to make eye contact with taxi drivers.

Umbrella Etiquette Please!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and everybody is pushing and shoving to get around New York City. Even though the city that never sleeps gets 58% of sun and over 2500 hours of sun annually, rainy days can damper your spirits easily. Don’t be obnoxious and make sure to have a properly sized umbrella for your size. Walk through crowds sternly and raise your umbrella or lower it accordingly to avoid bumping umbrellas. If you’re umbrella-less, do yourself a favor and do not buy an umbrella off the street for $5 because it will break before day’s end!

Avoid Museums on the Weekends

New Yorkers are proud of their famous museums and collections that we often visited as children during school trips. When friends and family come to play tourist, we love to show this off, except on the weekends. Some museums allow “pay as you wish” policies on the weekend, which are excellent for budget-friendly travelers, the problem is, you won’t enjoy the super-crowded museums and will find yourself stressed out and wanting to leave! Try to visit museums early or towards closing times to avoid crowds. We think Wednesday and Thursday are your best museum days.

Tip Well Please!

New York City is a place where tourists of all ages, races and places come to visit and enjoy what we have to offer. IT is also a city that thrives on tourism and service-based careers like bartenders who make specialty drinks, waitresses who deliver food with a smile or tour guides who share special stories about New York. We know tipping in other countries may be different, but New Yorkers believe in tipping for good service. Our recommended guideline is 15- 20% standard of the total for good service with 20% for excellent service. Some places even give tipping suggestions on the receipt. But, we also believe in tipping/not tipping for poor service if you were not satisfied with your meal/how you were treated.


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