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Congratulations! There is no greater feeling than deciding to go on vacation and booking cheap flights. Whether you’ve decided to book a one week girl’s weekend in Cabo, or you’re considering a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls, the rush of an upcoming trip is exciting. What is not so thrilling is booking a flight when you’re not a travel savvy guru. Rather than fighting Google search terms or hiring a travel agent, these simple tips will ease the process of booking a flight.

Travel on weekdays: Though some trips may be unavoidable to travel on weekdays; especially if you are looking for a weekend getaway, consider leaving on a weekday. If you take a flight a day earlier on a Wednesday instead of a Thursday, it can save you hundreds of dollars. Compare it to the idea of rush hour; it is easier to get around on a weekday rather than the weekend, so it is affordable and convenient to the airline and the consumer to travel on Monday-Wednesday.

Book early or last minute: Consider each of these options lightly and not to the extreme. If you book a flight two nights before your departure, it will most likely be overpriced. The same goes for booking too early; sometimes airlines won’t even let you do so if it is almost a year in advance. Pay attention to travel deals that are a few months ahead of time; if you want to travel during spring break, book when fall is beginning. Last minute getaways are good for short trips; flights that may be local or within a 100 mile radius. Consider booking International flights ahead of time; there are always special offers thrown around year-round.

Take advantage of student or work discounts: Even if you think you are extremely busy with work or school studies, it should be your goal to travel if you are offered discounts. There are a few student travel sites that offer special airfare for college students and teachers. Also consider discount travel cards that will give you discounts on additional travel necessities. Speak with your employer about special work discounts; your job may have a portal or discount code to receive these discounts.

Consider fly into a different location: Big cities such as New York or London may seem like expensive destinations to fly into, but can also save you a lot of money if you are traveling nearby. These cities have a lot of tourism traffic; making for great savings. Let’s say you are flying into a nearby big city, such as the Poconos; where a local airport might be too expensive to fly into. Flying into New York and catching a bus is the best alternative. Flying into London is the best gateway into Europe; local flights with budget carriers have ridiculous discounts. If you are willing to travel on a shoestring, consider the Euroline buses with fares as low as 10euros.

Get comfortable before you board: Sometimes, air travel isn’t always about saving money, but one should consider their comfort as well. If you’re flying long distance and first class is too expensive, think about your options on board. Utilizing websites that show the outline of how seats are arranged on a plane can guarantee you pick the best seat. They specifically outline what is the best seat, what amenities are available and if Emergency Exit seats are available. (It will give you extra leg room.)

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