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Where are you planning to be on New Year’s Eve? While many places may be booked, it’s not too late to check out availability. But keep in mind that last-minute reservations may come with a hefty price tag. Not only do these places have spectacular New Year’s Eve appeal, but most are also located in world-class cities that are ripe for exploring with outstanding dining experiences. Check out these fabulous places to ring in the new year!

Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida)

This mega theme park located in Orlando, Florida, offers plenty of family-friendly activities. You should definitely book cheap round trip flights to Disney for this magical time of year so you could catch the spectacular firework show displayed daily. You’ll also want to check the park’s website for a plethora of special dining options.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia fireworks

People who like “firsts” flock to Sydney. It has the distinction of being the “first” major city to have the clock strike midnight. If you don’t like crowds, this isn’t the place to go. It’s estimated that more than a million people come together to watch the air and water shows as well as the world’s largest fireworks display.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada fireworks

Las Vegas is well known for its 24-hour entertainment. On New Year’s Eve, the Strip becomes a giant street party as a three-mile stretch of the street is closed to traffic. Look for special New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations that include some of the world’s most popular DJs. After 6:00 p.m., no one under 18 is allowed on the Strip without a parent or legal guardian.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii fireworks

On New Year’s Eve, families can sit along Waikiki Beach watching a music-timed fireworks show by using an app. Private venues such as the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Kahala Hotel & Resort, and Ko Olina offer their own fireworks displays. The Westin Moana Surfrider has children’s activities, mermaids at the pool, a Polynesian dance and music show, and general musical performances. This is just one of the many kid-friendly events all around Waikiki.

London, England

London, England fireworks

New Year’s revelers gather near the Thames River to watch a display of fireworks and lights set against the city’s skyline and to watch the countdown at Big Ben. Some reserve a cruise ship experience while others take a seat at one of London’s restaurants or clubs. New Year’s Day celebrations continue at the Wonderland in Hyde Park or the annual New Year’s Day parade.

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