Shopping for cheap flights is a challenge, but with a little training, you can become an expert and finding the best deals out there.

Sure, you can compare sites to see if you can find lower airfares, but you can do so much more than that to help yourself find the cheapest flight.

Here are five tips to help you find cheap airline tickets, including what is the best day to find cheap flights and more!

Plan Your Trip on These Weekdays: One thing you should look for in a cheap flight is what day it departs? Flights that leave anytime from Monday through Thursday morning will most likely have lower airfare than other flights. This is what is known as “off-peak travel.” Changing your travel dates to fall on these days can help you save big on your booking.

Book Promotional Non-Refundable Fares in Advance: So you know you’re traveling? Then why wait? Book at least 21 days in advance. Chances are you’ll have more seats and better travel times to pick from compared to if you waited only a week or two before your travel. Of course, the rule is a little different if you’re looking to travel high season or popular destinations (popular destinations like Hawaii, Orlando or Acapulco in the spring or summer) then you should book between 60 and 90 days advance. However, your dates will need to be firm; otherwise changing these promotional tickets can add up.

Check Out Nearby Airports: Convenience is always the first thing that comes to mind when booking flights, but it’s something you definitely pay for! Instead of flying into main hubs like JFK, look into flights landing into a nearby airport like one in Newark, New Jersey. It all comes down to your car-rental situation. If the cost of a car rental would equal the cost of flying into a main hub, choose the main hub, unless you’re renting a car regardless. Then you should choose a nearby airport.

Consider Flexible Dates: You may have a favorite time to fly, but if you bend just a little bit, maybe by a couple of hours? Or a day? You will probably find yourself with cheaper airfare then your ‘favorite’ time to fly.

Think About Direct/Connection flight vs. Non-Stop flights: We all love non-stop flights! Point a to point b! Boom, paradise! But! If you book a flight that has a connection, it’s most likely going to be cheaper. Bring some good tunes for the connection to keep your spirits up and you’ll be fine! Or just have a spirit or two! 😉

Follow these travel tips and you’ll be on your way to tons of cost-effective excursions!

Happy travels!

What’s one of your travel tips for finding cheap flights? Tell us in the comments below!

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