You’re already headed in the right direction if you’re looking to avoid baggage fees because you’re booking on CheapOair! Baggage fees are not a part of the booking process, except for only one airline and it’s not mandatory.

So you’ve booked your flight, but you’re still not out of the woods yet. You still may have to reach into your wallet to cover some baggage fees when you get to the airport. It’s important to study the baggage fee policy of the airline you’re flying.

Baggage fees come from the airlines and no one else. Each airline has different policies when it comes to luggage fees. Get to know them! How heavy can my carry-on bag be? Is the first bag free? What about the second?

If you’ve done your homework then you should know how heavy your carry-on should be and whether or not you’re paying for first checked bag.

Ready to study? Click here to learn about the baggage policy of the airline you’re flying.

Take it even a step further and pack your carry-on to match your needs AND help you avoid baggage fees.  And by needs, I mean items you want for your trip. Of course it would take a serious travel hack to get a week-long trip into one carry-on. Or is that you?

Ok, time for some travel trivia! Let’s see how good you guys are, how heavy can your first checked bag usually be?

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