Do you dream of getting married in a Winter Wonderland or perhaps some cool place like an igloo? Maybe you’re not sure exactly what the atmosphere will be, but you know that your special day will take place at a beautiful winter destination. We are going to tell you about 5 amazing winter wedding destinations where you can tie the knot.

Say ‘I Do’ at Ice Hotel

5 Dreamy Winter Wedding Destinations: The Ice Hotel, Sweden

Okay, the Ice Hotel in Sweden does sounds like something straight out of a fantasy novel. But it’s even better than that; it’s like you’ve been whisked away to a completely different world. Everything’s made out of ice, and we mean EVERYTHING (even the ice seats are adorned with furry blankets). Let your inner Elsa shine while you walk down the aisle that’s glistening with icy crystals as you draw in another frosty breath. Regardless of where you live, you don’t have to wait until winter to tie the know at this location. Because of where the Ice Hotel is located above the Arctic Circle, the ice stays in place year-round. The Arctic Circle is undeniably cold, but the best part is that you and your partner could be kissing under the Northern Lights. Now that’s definitely something you’d never forget.

Keep it Cozy at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort


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Gazing the sky from our glass igloos is a unique experience. #KakslauttanenArcticResort#glassigloos#Finland#Lapland

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Picture this: a chapel that’s entirely made out of snow instead of ice. At the altar, there’s a pristine snowflake illuminated by soft fairy lights and surrounded by ice sculptures. Or, you could choose their log chapel if you prefer a more rustic atmosphere. Either way, you could make a big entrance by showing up in a sleigh pulled by reindeer or horses. How epic would that be? Speaking of romance, Finland’s Kakslauttanen has a lot of different choices for cozying up with your lifelong partner into the wee hours of the morning. Want the Northern Lights? Book a couple of nights in one of their heated glass igloos for a 360-degree view that really can’t be beat. If you prefer more privacy, they have log chalets, queen suites, and houses. Finland really has it all!

Have a Charming Ceremony in Central Park

 5 Dreamy Winter Wedding Destinations: Wedding at Central Park, New York City, Manhattan on a cold winter day

Believe it or not, you absolutely can get married in Central Park. We bet you’re imagining that it’d cost quite a pretty penny but all you need is some flight deals to get you and your retinue to iconic New York space. It’s usually cheap (sometimes free) to tie the knot right there under the snow-capped trees amid the twinkling skyscrapers. It gives you the best of both worlds if you’re on a tight budget, and want to keep your wedding party small in a chic urban setting. It goes without saying that New York City is a huge melting pot with a lot of options for post-wedding activities and meals.

Peer into the Mountains at The Peaks Resort & Spa


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You know we couldn’t make a list of winter wedding destinations without mentioning the Rocky Mountains. The Peaks in Telluride, Colorado, is just the perfect winter wedding destination where guests can look up at the majestic snow capped mountains. The reception room has walls of windows all around, so that no matter where you look, you’ll always have a perfect view of the mountains. Visualize this on your special day: a rosy sunset dipping below the white-capped peaks with a gentle flurry of snow falling onto the ground. Sounds amazing, right?

Cut the Cake at Castle Farms in Charlevoix

5 Dreamy Winter Wedding Destinations: Winter wedding, young couple kissing near the castle and snowy pine tree

If you don’t want a bunch of mountains or ice, go for a majestic castle in the forest to give you a dreamy fairy-tale wedding that’ll make you feel like royalty. We’re all familiar with Cinderella’s castle in Florida, but let’s not forget about the real castles we have in the United States. Charlevoix is like icing on the cake. It might feel like you got hitched in an elusive French chateau tucked away in the alps, but it’s actually in Michigan. You’ll be treated like a queen the entire time because they do all the work for you. Before you know it, you’ll live happily ever after with your partner.

Winter really is a magical time to get married. There’s just something about the cold nip in the air, and holiday decorations that make you feel extra giddy while you snuggle with your partner. If you have any other ideas for cool winter wedding destinations, we’d love to hear it in the comments.

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