Seriously, what is it about this city? For the past two years, it’s been on the rise according to leading travel organizations. But why? Well, for one, there are 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city limits alone. The beautiful town, which was once Japan’s capital city from 794 – 1869, is now a thriving modern metropolis, has plenty of natural vistas nearby, and offers a blossoming music, arts, and foodie scene. Still not convinced? Check out these 10 reasons why a trip to Kyoto will have your Insta followers deeming you undeniable queen of the Instagame.

It’s Super Pedestrian-Friendly

Stop worrying about getting hit by a car while you’re ‘Gramming.

Photo courtesy of the We All Travel Together blog.

The Architecture Takes You Backwards in Time

Talk about time travel.

There Are Tons of Temples

Like, over 1,600 of ’em.

You Can Spot a Geisha on the Street

We’re serious about the time travel thing.

It Perfectly Blends Old and New

Chic bars and clubs bordering UNESCO World Heritage sites? We’re into that.

It’s One of Japan’s Most Well-Preserved Cities

Seriously, there are SEVENTEEN World Heritage sites!


Y’all, there are nearly 100 Michelin-starred restaurants.

It Has an Art Forest

You heard us.

Your Pictures Literally Can’t Look Bad

C’mon, just try to mess this shot up.

You Can Shop in a Temple That’s Over 1,000 Years Old

I think that’s what “antiquing” is… Right?

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So… When are you taking your Kyoto trip?

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