Bacon is quite possibly the best food that has ever landed on the human tongue. Thick or thin, crispy or not, atop a potato or a salad, there’s absolutely no substitute for this artery-clogging delight. Everyone in the world seems to know this, as bacon is available in a variety of forms around the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom to Japan. Every country has a different twist on this incredible meat, which leaves hope that “bacon tourism” will catch on as a trend. Check out this infographic for some insights into how bacon is served around the world.

1. United Kingdom: I’ve always been a fan of the bacon here, which is a big part of why I love full English breakfasts so much. A slice of bacon is called a “rasher,” and it’s thicker and not as crispy as what you’re used to at home. Think of it as a totally new bacon experience and one you need to try!

2. Italy: You have a few choices here: pancetta, guanciale and lardo. Check out the infographic to see why lardo should be a must-munch on your worldwide bacon itinerary.

3. Canada: No doubt, you’ve heard of Canadian bacon – plenty of restaurants in the United States have it on the menu. They don’t call it Canadian bacon, though; they use the term “back bacon.” It can be smoked or not and is cut from the boneless eye of pork loin.

4. France: On your next trip to Paris, try lard salé. This is cured meat and comes from a slab of pig belly. If it’s diced, however, it’s called “lardons,” and you’ll usually find it in salads and quiche Lorraine.

5. Hungary: How about “bacon ready to eat?” At butcher shops in Hungary, you’ll be able to pick up bacon that’s already been cooked, and you can start to chomp on it before you even get out to the sidewalk!


Your Global Guide to Bacon [INFOGRAPHIC], IMG Cred: Infographiclist

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