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  Woman injures her knee on Northwest plan and wants payback



A Michigan woman, claiming that she injured her knee while trying to fit into a middle seat on a Northwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas, is trying to hit the jackpot another way. Kathy Kuhn is suing the Delta owned carrier after suffering a twisted knee when she tried to climb over an armrest that wouldn't go up. 


The 58-year old woman and her husband stated that she needed to get around the Vegas strip with crutches when they visited Sin City in 2007. Kuhn underwent ligament surgey when she returned home to Eastpoint, Michigan, which is about 20 minutes outside of Detroit.


Northwest denies any liability for the woman's injury and plans to fight the case, which was just moved from state court to Detroit's federal court last week.
It was not reveled incourt documents how much Mrs. Kuhn was asking from the airline.


I do not see how this woman has a case at all against Northwest Airlines. She should have asked for assistance from a flight attendant before attempting to climb over what she claims was a broken armrest. It is such a waste of taxpayer's dollars to have a case like this go to the federal court. Detroit is suffering enough right now financially without such frivolous lawsuits draining their already lacking funds.


So do you agree or disagree with my comments? Leave a comment below and prove your case on why the airline might be at fault for Mrs. Kuhn's bummed knee. 


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