Wine Travel: Where to Get a Bottle in London, Flickr: nakedskyLondon isn’t your first thought for wine-related travel, right? It’s easy to fall into that trap. After all, there are fantastic wineries – and bottles – from Buenos Aires to Barcelona and beyond. London? That’s usually not on the list. As a traditional wine destination, London doesn’t make the cut. But, you can still find some great wines, even if they are made elsewhere.

Whether you want a bottle for to take back to your hotel room for the evening or plan to take something interesting home, your first step needs to be Borough Market, just across the river from City.

You’ll wander Borough Market and see vegetables, meat and even grilled cheese sandwiches (they were out by the time I got there, and I’m still upset about that fact – so get there early). As you navigate the paths from one kiosk to another, you’ll eventually run into a wine shop. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time there looking through the inventory; there’s certainly enough of it.

On my last trip to Borough Market, I found an amazing bottle of white port, and it has become my new standard for that particular wine. And, I found a few other wines I’d never seen before, giving me the chance to try something new (which I always enjoy).

So, what’s the plan – why get wine at Borough Market?

Well, in part, you can save a few bucks in the evening, cracking a bottle of wine in your room rather than hitting a local pub. Add that to the savings on your cheap tickets to London and discount hotel room. Additionally, you can bring a few bottles home. Serve them up with a fun or special meal, and you’ll get both a fun wine with your meal and the opportunity to relive your London memories.

When you take your next trip to London, set aside some time to head over to Borough Market, and pick up a few bottles of wine. Leave some room in your suitcase, and use these tips, travel with breakables, to make sure your bottles don’t break on the way home.

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photo: nakedsky

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