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Pick the Right Bottle for the Right Occassion


It’s always a temptation when you’re on vacation. You look at the wine list and see a few options that are incredible, and you desperately want to pick up a bottle. Then, you look at the price tag, and you pause for a moment. Should you do it? Will you hate yourself when you get home? You have to balance satisfaction against guilt, a process that’s rarely easy.

Sometimes, it’s worth it. Think of the regret you’ll have when you look back on a unique wine that you missed.

So, how do you make the right call? Here are a few tips:

1. Your budget: Consider where you are saving money. If you got a great deal on tickets or a killer rate for your hotel, go for a great bottle of wine, even if only once on your trip. Your overall savings will go down a bit, but you’re still coming out ahead of the game.

2. Special occasion: Is this a run-of-the-mill vacation, or is it something more. If you’re popping the question, for example, you need to choose the right wine. Spring for the good stuff.

3. The destination: If you’re headed to wine country, it would be an absolute sin to go cheap on the wine. Look at it this way: the special wine in wine country will probably be cheaper than it would be at home. Indulge.

4. The wine: Finally, you need to think about the wine itself. If it’s hard to find – or if you’ve never seen it before – you have an opportunity: seize it! Look at the situation for what it is, you have one shot at a unique travel experience.

5. The cost: At some point, you do have to be realistic: some wines are just too expensive. If you can afford it at a stretch, drink it. If you really can’t afford it, however, you’re taking the first step toward regret.

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