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Sip on an Albarino


How do you relive your next trip to Spain for years to come? It starts with wine! When you book your cheap flight to Spain, you should start to think about what you’ll sip when you hit the ground. This will help you figure out your best destination, from Malaga to Barcelona.

While France or Italy may come to mind when you think about wine, Spain is a rich destination, with more than 400 grape varieties planted in the country. Eighty percent of the wine, however, comes from 20 grapes (still nothing to sneeze at), including Tempranillo, Albarino and Palomino. So, if you’re looking to turn your trip into a spiced up wine life at home, Spain is a great place to start!

To broaden your horizons, get a flight out to Galicia, in the northwest corner of Spain. It’s a small airport, and you’ll probably have to fly through Madrid, but the short layover is worth it. After you arrive and check into your hotel, you’ll be able to start exploring the wine region responsible for two perennial favorites that belong in your wine rack: Albarino and Verdejo. Be sure to visit the RiasBaixas wine region in Galicia, where Albarino dominates the vines, and prepare to be dazzled.

So, which winery is worth your time? Be sure to check out Bodegas Santiago Ruiz. In addition to the new winery, where the action is today, make time to visit the old one, which is in a seventeenth century building about around eight miles away. Also, AdegasD’Altamira, open eight hours a day and with two dining rooms, should have a spot on your itinerary.

Now, it’s important to complement your Albarino with the right meal. In Galicia, you’ll find plenty of seafood, which fits nicely with the wines you’ll taste. In addition to delighting in the experience on your trip to Spain, make sure you don’t forget the pairings that blow your mind the most. When you get home, you can always cook up something special with your next bottle of Albarino!

Your new taste for wine begins with a cheap ticket to Spain! Book your flight now, and get ready to sip Albarino or Verdejo in the balmy air, and learn which wines will change every party you have from then on. Forget about your old stand-by wines for a while, and get a feel for what Spain has to offer.




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