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There are many reasons to book a flight to Paris, France; for the romantic ambiance, the rich culture, and of course, the exquisite wine. It’s the world’s largest wine producer with varieties in flavors and taste that are as diverse as the areas in France. You can spend an entire trip enjoying the wine regions or you can find simple getaways while visiting the capital city.

Champagne Region Day Trip: It doesn’t have to be New Year’s or any other grand celebration to enjoy some bubbly. Take a day trip from Paris to enjoy the Champagne region known ’round the world. Ironically, the name of the Champagne region comes from the counts of champagne that once ruled years ago. Take a tour to Reims, famous in preserving the sparkling wines. There are even lovely sites to see, like the Notre-Dame de Raimes, the Place Royale and the Porte de Mars; a triumphal arch.

Visit Bordeaux: Did you know that Bordeaux is only a three-hour train ride from Paris? For just a little over 100 euros, you can take a day trip from Paris. This famous vineyard specializes in rich red wines. The city itself is vibrant and lush and worth the day trip from Paris. Catch a tour to view the lavish Chateaus, the wine estates or just sample the wines at the local restaurants. With its proximity to Paris, this is a great introduction to a wino’s guide to France.

The Loire Valley: Nicknamed the Garden of France, due to the numerous amounts of vineyards, fruit orchards and vegetable fields, the Loire Valley is typically French paradise. It is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the historical towns and the importance of the wines produced. Fruity wine lovers will enjoy the Cabarnet and Gamay wines, and even Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon selections. Getting to the Loire Valley from Paris is easy; the train to tours is only 35 minutes away. You can visit the end of the Loire Valley which is only 1.5 hours away.

Midi-Pyrénées: There are so many wine regions in France, how do you decide? If you’re traveling down to Spain or have extra time in your hands, it may be worth heading south to the Midi-Pyrénées. The promoted Wine discovery trail is a way to explore a wine region bigger than Switzerland! This area is just beautiful in sight, from the medieval towns to the old village markets. It’s a place where you can enjoy a nice long weekend in one of the sunniest cities in France. Some wine favorites include the dark red Malbec and the sweeter white wines, made towards the Ossau Valley.

Wine Tasting in Paris: Who said you have to go outside of Paris to enjoy wine? You can simply enjoy the comforts of the city and embark on your own city wine tour. Tour companies put together a fantastic wine tasting all around Paris, often offering a coach pick up and drop off, so you can return home safely. You’ll get a city tour of Paris while experiencing the tastes of wine from all Paris regions without traveling far. The guides are specialized in wine and will also give you a great history lesson on France and the importance of wine in the country.

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photo: Deb Harkness

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