Oil being burned at site of Gulf Coast spill


Now deemed the worst offshore oil spill in history of the United States, the Gulf Coast disaster so far has not affected tourism to popular shore front destinations in states like Florida, Louisiana and Alabama yet.


But with the continuous negative media coverage and matters getting worse by the day with BP already on plan G, travel to the south could take a major hit during the summer months due to fears of going into the water.


Since the failure last week of BP's "Top Kill" experiment to stop oil from shooting into the Gulf Coast, BP has stated that oil could continue to leak until August. News like that has many cities down south worried that people will change their summer plans and head to alternate locations.


In order to lure worried visitors to their shores, some hotels near the oil spill are providing deeply discounted rooms and extras. But will that be enough to convince the average vacationer to spend their hard earned dollars in a place that they are unsure of the health issues? Only time will tell. 


Has the Gulf Coast oil spill changed your travel plans for this summer? Or are you heading to the Gulf no matter what in support of local businesses? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Xavier

    Sorry, South.I just know if we would of came down there we woukld never had the time of our lifes. It would of just been tragetic since the BP oil spill. But I guess next time we will visit. Sorry


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