Savage Beauty at The Met in New York City


Following weeks of increasing public demand, it seems the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition may soon be heading home to London. The exhibition, which showcases the work of deceased British fashion icon Alexander McQueen, set attendance records at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art all summer long.


More than 660,000 folks hopped on trains, buses, and flights to New York City to catch a glimpse of McQueen’s finest work. Since Savage Beauty wrapped up in New York City earlier this month, McQueen fans in the UK have been on a crusade to bring their beloved designer’s exhibition home to London.


It appears they may soon get their wish. According to a statement released by the Alexander McQueen label, negotiations are currently taking place with several venues that wish to feature a London version of Savage Beauty. Though nothing is official just yet, the McQueen label promised a swift announcement if and when a deal is finalized.


Source: Style Clone

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