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If you’re a millennial, we’re guessing that you’re probably itching to travel. In fact, an Eventbrite survey recently found that 76% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than on material possessions. The wanderlust is strong compared to other generations; however, they also tend to be quite frugal about it. Although the urge to travel and the unwillingness to spend a lot may seem to be at odds, there are airlines that have chosen to pay attention to what this demographic actually wants.

Millennial Travel

While traveling on a budget, you’ve probably considered booking your flight with Spirit Airlines. When you book Spirit Airlines deals, you get only what you pay for. In other words, the standard fares don’t include hidden costs for food and beverages on the plane, seat back TV entertainment, or in-flight WiFi. That may seem archaic to some, but it ultimately means passengers pay a lot less for their tickets.

Social media can sometimes create a strong travel destination inspiration for users as friends post their travels. In fact, 23% of millennials say that social media has a significant influence on their choice of travel destination. While traveling, technical amenities aren’t actually a must for many millennial jet-setters. Actually, a lot of them are willing to part with in-flight entertainment and WiFi altogether if it means they could score some cheap flights to incredible places.

Millennial Travel

It’s all about perspective, says Paul Berry, the director of communications, advertising, and branding for the carrier: “Yes, millennials prefer Wi-Fi and mobile access, but when they see that they can fly to Cancun for $89, suddenly Wi-Fi and mobile isn’t [sic] an issue.”

In other words, tech offerings are nice — but they aren’t going to make millennials choose an expensive carrier over a more affordable one offering cheap flights.

And just because the offerings are bare bones doesn’t mean you have to endure a boring flight; most electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, and mp3 players are permitted aboard the aircraft (or maybe you’d enjoy more antiquated in-flight activities, like reading!). In many cases, millennials won’t notice much of a difference; they might even be relieved to disconnect during the duration of their flight.

Millennial Travel

Plus, the concept of saving with Spirit Airlines is a tempting one for millennial travelers who need to keep their spending in check. According to data published by Skidmore Studio, 51% of millennials said they’d be willing to book a seat with less legroom if it meant they would have to spend less. Around 66% said they’d sit next to the restroom if it could save them some money, and 33% said they’d theoretically stand during travel if it would help them pinch pennies. While the last option isn’t going to be an offering on any flight in the foreseeable future (we hope!), these statistics show just how far this generation would go to save some dough on airline tickets.

Although millennials may be seen as financially irresponsible or totally tied to their tech, the truth is that they’re driven to find great bargains. Carriers like Spirit have tuned into these money-saving tendencies and are fulfilling a need that budgeting millennials need most — affordable travel options.

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