Having the key to the world is the first step to opening your eyes to a world with infinite possibilities. With a passport; it’s an opportunity to study abroad, go on vacation, or take a trip around the world. Even if you don't see yourself traveling in the near future, having a passport should be as vital as having a cellular phone.

It's an investment that lasts a long time: The best part about a passport is having it last for 10 years. An American passport will set you back $135, which equals out to $13 a year! Although some countries require visas or fees for a determined amount of time, most countries allow up to a 90 day visit with a U.S. Passport. With plenty of time to plan a trip, it's no excuse to not have a passport, and to at least have one or two stamps from places abroad.

You never know when you'll need it: Even if you don't have a lot of money saved for a trip, you never know when you'll need to make a trip abroad .You might have a best friend who is looking to plan a destination wedding in Greece and what better reason to make use of a passport than a celebration abroad. Business trips are also more common and required of some employees who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Perhaps your friends found a ridiculously cheap flight and you're feeling impulsive to take a one week venture to Colombia. With a passport, why not?

Be a part of the Global dynamic:
Apparently, only 37% of Americans currently hold a passport. Reasons why most Americans don't have a passport seem apparent; money being an extremely huge issue with a depleting economy. Also, it is embedded in the culture that compared to other countries, Americans don't venture globally as much. Go against these statistics and be a part of the rest of the world! Travelers abroad widen their eyes when an American proclaims their nationality proudly. Do it for the opportunity to see the world beyond the US, Mexico and Canada.

It is a secure form of identification: With identity theft and credit card fraud rampant internationally, having a passport is the utmost secure piece of identification. Issued by the Department of State, it is certified only for citizens and non-citizen nationals. It is extremely difficult to manipulate or steal information from a passport; thus making it a valuable and secure identification worth investing in.

Why not? Honestly, the world continues to grow with fascinating places and cities to visit. Even in a sluggish economy, tourists continue to travel or find ways to travel budget friendly in order to plan family trips or getaways. Is there really any harm in having a passport besides not going anywhere with it?

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