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Aruba is more than a honeymoon destination


Close your eyes and imagine warm tropical breezes, white sand beaches and a translucent ocean welcoming you to paradise. What is it that you think of? Aruba should be your best thought of a stress free vacation for anyone. Such a beautiful and remote place is often disregarded as a honeymoon destination for couples to escape to a romantic playground. Luckily, the diversity of Aruba provides many unique experiences for all kinds of travelers.


Girlfriends Getaway: We all know Miami and New York are fantastic playgrounds for a girl’s night out. But, why not take a trip to the Caribbean where perfect weather exists? Aruba can be your next girlfriend’s getaway with a excellent tanning by day and a busy nightlife in the capital of Oranjestaad at night. If you’re tired of soaking up the sun, why not check out the Mandarin Oriental spa located on the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino for an out of this world rub down. You might never want to leave this place after this massage.


Romantic Getaway: Aruba is easily defined as a honeymoon and wedding destination. But, if you’re not quite there yet and looking to go on your first trip as a couple or looking to spark some romance in the air, a visit might do the trick. Wait until you cuddle together under a cabana watching the soft waves crash against Palm Beach as the sun sets on another relaxing day. Who knows, maybe your significant other will feel the romance in the air and will plan your next trip to Aruba as a honeymoon or wedding.


Family Fun: Finding a family travel destination is particular hard for parents who want to entertain their children. Disney World has been done over and over again and kids just seem to be bored with pretty beaches. Some great activities for kids include the Butterfly Farm, Aruba Ostrich Farm and a Donkey Sancturary. Kids can enjoy water activities especially with friendly shallow waters. Many resorts often cater areas for family fun activities to make sure they can understand why Aruba is one happy island.


Historical Retreat: Learning about a country and its roots may sound boring at first, but when you have an interesting history like Aruba does; it makes for a splendid adventure. Examples of its past are left in its architecture and cultural habits. The island is filled with mysterious colored rock drawings left by island shamans. Meanwhile, Dutch and Spanish influences are evident as well. Colorful Dutch architecture makes this bright island truly stand out.


Culinary Experience: When you think of eating out on an island, you’d imagine lots of tropical fruits and seafood dishes. Even if this is true in Aruba, food fanatics will enjoy a variety of culinary experiences vary in ways they would never imagine. You have the biggest influence of the Dutch rule with famous dishes such as bitterballen (A fried ragout snack.), stamppot (A mash pot of potatoes and other items.) and of course, Dutch cheese. Meanwhile, since it is an island of melting culture, you can find all kinds of food from Italian to Mexican, even Portuguese. Don’t forget to enjoy the local flavor; a unique Caribbean flavor made of many dishes in tasty marinades.

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