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Why Amsterdam is Cool, Flickr: lapoutre

You Can’t Spell Cool Without the ‘Dam!


Call it the Sin City of Europe, or even a gateway into Europe, but there is one word that the Dutch want you to associate with their awesome city- cool. There are plenty of reasons to visit Amsterdam, but have you ever thought of it as a “cool” city? No matter how you define cool, there is something very cool about Amsterdam.
The airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is Europe’s fourth busiest and the world’s fifth busiest by international passenger traffic. You might be thinking what is so cool about a busy airport? First of all, we love the Dutch-designed sign upon entrance; made with bright typography. There are a variety of eating venues that go beyond McDonald’s (There isn’t even a McDonald’s!) from quick cafes to upscale restaurants and even a mini supermarket. But the best cool features of Amsterdam’s airport are a local spa, silence center for meditation and even a shower room so you can freshen up before or after a journey.
The Bike Lifestyle: It’s eco-friendly, budget-friendly and Dutch-friendly to bike in Amsterdam. With flat lands and safe bike lanes, exploring Amsterdam via bike is a must. Apparently, 60% of trips made in Amsterdam are made on a bike. This fascinating bike culture resonates all over Amsterdam with crowded bike parking areas, decorative bike accessories and bike tours through the city.
The variety of Art: You don’t have to be an art connessiour to appreciate all kinds of art. Whether you enjoy the Dutch masters like Van Gogh or Vermeer, or maybe you enjoy the modern form that is truly unique in today’s age. There are over 50 museums in Amsterdam alone; with an extensive collection worth seeing. Top museums include the Rijksmuseum, which is the largest in The Netherlands and the Van Gogh, which houses over 200 paintings. Take a trip off the beaten path and visit the Fluorescent Art Museum made in honor of Jimi Hendrix with out-of-the-ordinary light displays- very cool.
Dutch Food: Some may laugh and wonder what Dutch cuisine is. Because of its proximity in Europe, it truly is a blend of surrounding countries. IT is often misunderstood in Amsterdam because of the tourist traps located immediately after the Central Station. Dig in to Amsterdam and get a bite of the International flavor. Dutch food includes traditional meat, veggies and potato fixtures and more. Sink your teeth into Indonesian dishes like Chicken Satay, thanks to the influence of the former colony. You can also get your fast food on at the cool FEBO machine that dispenses automatic hot food from a machine.
Festivals in Amsterdam: It’s impossible to book cheap tickets and visit Amsterdam only once and visit all the tourist attractions. Another visit deserves a trip to one of the 90 festivals held annually. There’s a festival held during every season; with the peak being of course during the summer months. There is the “5 Days Off” festival featuring electronic dance music, the Buddhist Film Festival Europe and the ever popular Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade that takes place right on the famous canals.
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photo: lapoutre

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