Who is going to London? Find out Tuesday!

 Who is going to spend a "Long Weekend in London"? Find out Tuesday Feb. 2!


It has been a great long weekend in London so far for yours truly. I have been pretty much throughout most of this city and have loved every minute of it. This is truly one of the great destinations of the world.If you can't have a good time here, you may want to check to see if you have a heartbeat, because London is as the locals would say, absolutely brilliant!


Thank you all for participating in the week of questions as it related to our trip to London. Your comments were all so detailed and really interesting to read.


So without further ado I give to you the 10 people who were lucky enough to make it into the grand prize drawing for a shot at their very own "Long Weekend in London" from CheapOair, VisitBritain and base2stay hotel.


Ella Morton 

2) Maribel Lara

Emily Mattox

4)Malorie Sellers

Elaine Kontra

Patrick Kaszubski

Cameron Scherer

Hannah Volfson

9) Jason Arnold

10)Stefanie Axelson


Check back Tuesday February 2 right here on the blog for the big announcement! Good luck and cheers from London!

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  1. Elaine

    Can’t wait until tomorrow. I hope number 5. is lucky because thats me. I would love to win this. Thank you.


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