Where You Can Eat Like the Queen of England, Flickr: Jim Linwood

Sandringham Estate


Your royal meal starts with cheap tickets to London, of course, but it doesn’t end there. On your next trip to England, leave room for a side trip to Norfolk, and make a reservation at Tichwell Manor. At this out-of-the-way spot, you’ll find a meal fit for a queen. Literally.

Tichwell Manor, a small hotel and restaurant, offers something truly unique: “red poll” sirloin. This organic state boasts an extra twist, in that it comes from the Queen of England’s personal stash of cows. Sandringham Estate, not far from Tichwell Manor, is where executive chef Eric Snaith sources his steak, and the estate belongs to the queen herself (rather than belonging to the country). Sandringham Estate is famous for the quality of its organic beef, and the care in selecting it is evident from your first bite.

Of course, there’s more to Tichwell Manor than the royal meal. Snaith does a fantastic job of finding high-quality ingredients, generally staying within 25 miles of home when quality permits. Many of the herbs Snaith uses come from a garden right on the property. Simple, straightforward meals are tasty and filling … as well as memorable. I visited five years ago and have not forgotten the experience.

Norfolk is a train ride from London, and it’s a good idea to spend the night, as you’d otherwise burn the better part of a day heading out there for this truly special experience. Upon your return to London, you can go back to enjoying the energy of the city, and stop at any number of impressive restaurants in the metropolis. Without a doubt, however, the one you’ll talk about most when you get home is the meal you had outside the city.

Are you ready to eat like royalty … without having to shell out a royal amount of cash? It all begins with your airfare: book your trip to London today!


Photo: Jim Linwood

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