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Scott Fitzgerald, author of the dramatic love story The Great Gatsby, once wrote, “Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born.” Now we don’t know about you, but we think that’s pretty much as romantic as it gets. Whether you’ve read the famous novel in school, watched the movie(s), and/or attended a 1920’s themed party at some point in your life, you’re well aware of The Great Gatsby, and how it shaped an era of timeless romanticism, elegance, flapper fashion, and an overall indescribable beauty.

Yet, perhaps the most powerful sovereignty of The Great Gatsby (besides its immortal literary reign) is the endless wedding inspiration that has emerged throughout the last few decades. So if you’re a bride-to-be looking for a 1920s wedding, but seem to be stuck in 2017, look no further. It’s time to channel your inner Daisy Buchanan, put on those pearls and pop that bubbly…

Say ‘I Do’ in New York Style (Long Island, NY)

Oheka Castle

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Are you a true, die-hard Gatsby fan? Do you LOVE New York? If yes, Oheka Castle is a venue you should seriously consider for your big day. In case you’ve never heard of this estate less than an hour-and-half drive from New York City (or seen Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video), it covers 109,000 square feet and originally belonged to financier and philanthropist Otto Hermann Kahn. Oh, and it also partially inspired Fitzgerald’s vision of Gatsby’s mansion.

These days, Oheka Castle is recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a historic hotel and serves as a popular event venue…especially for weddings. Many celebrities and socialites have gotten married at the legendary and elegant mansion.

With an unbeatable outdoor lawn, you should consider holding your reception outside on the castle grounds, especially if your wedding is set for the spring or summer. You can hand out feathered headbands to your wedding guests, along with creating a signature champagne drink, just like Gatsby would have done. If you’re the kind of bride that likes to go the extra mile, perhaps you’d consider a fireworks show to end the night, as you and your new hubby drive off as newlyweds in a classic Rolls Royce.

Tie the Knot Under an Orange Tree in Arizona (Chandler, AZ)

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Two words: Art. Deco. That is what The Great Gatsby is all about, right? If you want a classic and timelessly elegant Gatsby-style  wedding, then check out Arizona’s very own Chateau de Vie. Located in the heart of Chandler (just over 20 miles outside of Phoenix), the Chateau spans 15,000 square feet and rests on 10 lush acres of land. It’s surrounded by countless pine and ash trees and numerous full grown orange trees, which creates a perfect (and wonderfully fragrant) backdrop. It’s been said that “one leaves Chandler and enters the South of France when they visit Chateau de Vie.”

Originally named the Kyrene Mansion, the Chateau de Vie features beautiful stained glass, ornate wooden carvings, and gorgeous murals. It was built in 1984, but was forsaken by its original owner and fell to disrepair by 2010. Thankfully, current owners Shelly and Nick Goodman have worked to restore the mansion’s splendor and now operate it as a private vacation rental and — of course — a wedding venue.

Just imagine hosting your May wedding at the Chateau, with its rustic outdoor beauty complemented by detailed vintage elements, featuring a dazzling array of Art Deco delights. You can put on your “Daisy pearls” as you step out onto the Chateau’s luscious grass ready to say ‘I Do,’ and be greeted by your guests, donning the most fabulous of 1920s regalia and flapper attire.

And when your wedding day has come and gone, you won’t need to rush off to your honeymoon quite so fast. The chateau also features its very own lavish spa, swimming pool, and many other luxuries. Comfortably accommodating rooms for up to 20 guests, Chateau de Vie offers a timeless and romantic experience as one that will never be forgotten.

How About a Wedding at a Spanish Farmhouse in Florida? (Winter Park, FL)

Built by renowned architect James Gamble Rogers II in the early 1930s, Casa Feliz is a mansion in the style of Spanish farmhouse. It’s now listed on the US Registry of Historic Places, but faced destruction in 2000 when its then owner wanted to demolish it and build on the lot. To save the house, the city of Winter Park actually moved it to its current location, which overlooks a golf course.

Adorned by old world minutiae, Casa Feliz is designed to capture the romance and beauty of America’s past. It can house events  of up to 120 people and features a fully-furnished bridal and groom’s suite located on the upstairs level. Not sure if you want your ceremony outdoors or indoors? Casa Feliz offers the options of a front lawn event, rear courtyard service, OR a cozy indoor gathering. Even your reception has the option of choosing between (many) indoor or outdoor spaces the property features!

It wouldn’t be a Gatsby wedding without 1920’s music and dancing, which Casa Feliz’s main living room is perfect for! You can also have a buffet in the dining room and a main bar on the portico. Guests will be able to find plenty of seating in the living room, library, and exterior courtyard. All that would be missing from your wedding is an appearance by the mysterious Jay Gatsby himself.

Add a Touch of Southern Charm to your Wedding in Georgia (Tate, GA)

Located just 45 minutes north of Atlanta, the Tate House is a marble estate that exudes southern aristocratic charm. Built by marble tycoon “Colonel Sam Tate” in 1926, on land purchased by his father in 1834, the mansion is constructed out of rare Etowah pink marble that was mined from a quarry behind the property. We’re not sure if the fact that the house was finished just a year after Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby has anything to do with this, but the Tate House has hosted countless weddings featuring flapper fashion, Art Deco décor, and an overall 20’s vibe.

After you’ve danced the night away in the 4,000 square foot formal ballroom, it’s time to cut into your customized, sparkling gold wedding cake that F. Scott Fitzgerald would have designed for Gatsby (or Daisy) himself, take a stroll through the estate’s immaculate gardens, where you’ll behold centuries-old oak trees and six flowing fountains with artistic statues. It’s a backdrop that’s superb for an unbeatable wedding photo-shoot.

Have a Scenic Wedding by the Bay in Long Island (Southold, NY)

Nestled in the North Fork’s Peconic Bay and Long Island wine country, the Peconic Bay Yacht Club is well known for its spectacular views, grand (and intimate) wedding celebrations, and immaculate facilities. With an exclusive waterfront lawn and private marina, the second floor of the Yacht Club boasts a panoramic view of the Peconic Bay, an ideal spot for a scenic ceremony and reception (with maximum occupancy of 250 people) that personifies the affluence and charm of 1920s New York.

You’ll wow your guests by entertaining them in the club’s private tasting room and lounge area, as you hold a floral bouquet featuring a lovely array of peacock feathers (just like Daisy would have opted for) or dance away in the indoor ballroom while donning a sparkly headband to complement that vintage, drop-waist ivory dress you’ve dreamed your whole life of wearing.

Throw a Gatsby-Approved Wedding in a Charming Castle in California (San Simeon, CA)

If a hilltop estate is a better match for your lavish Gatsby-inspired wedding, why not recite your vows in a charming castle? Along California’s Central Coast stands a beautiful national historic landmark and museum “like no other,” where newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst lived amongst 127 acres of lush gardens, exquisite fountains, and grand pools. Known for its outdoor landscape and picturesque terraces, Hearst Castle is perfect for a bride and groom who can appreciate history, yet love to indulge in the romance and elegance that the 1920’s era represented.

Located approximately 250 miles from both Los Angeles and San Francisco, the 1919-constructed estates, which features three different buildings, were designed by architect Julia Morgan as a residence for Hearst (who was the inspiration for Citizen Kane). In 1954, just three years after his death, the estate became an official California State Park, and has since been preserved for its 25,000 historical artifacts, attracting millions of visitors each year.

The Hearst Castle area enjoys warm summers — with a dreamy Mediterranean climate — vastly due to the nearby Pacific coastline, which is ideal for any wedding, especially one with you wearing a decadent strings of pearls and a custom beaded hair piece as you marry the partner of your dreams, all while taking in the gorgeous views of the finest West Coast waters.

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