Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few years (or living in one of the seven kingdoms of Westeros), then you know just how strongly Game of Thrones has made its pop-culture mark. The HBO series, adapted from George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novels, has developed an international, die-hard fandom. From Halloween costumes to party ideas to fans even naming their own children after beloved GoT characters, you’ve undoubtedly experienced it at one time or another (and are probably even a part of it).

The true sign of a Game of Thrones megafan, however, has got to be using the fantasy series as the theme for your wedding. Yes, even though GoT is known for springing a lot of unpleasant and deadly plot events at weddings (Red Wedding, Purple Wedding, need we go on?), it can still inspire a romantic, epic and unforgettable day. So if you’ve already found your Ned Stark (but hopefully not a Joffrey), it’s time to reclaim your throne with these tips on where to have your own Game of Thrones destination wedding!

Throw a ‘Stormlands Shindig’ in Scotland

(Image via Flickr CC - Erin Brierley)

(Image via Flickr CC – Erin Brierley)

 Dreaming of a scenic wedding location, where your bridal beauty is that of a royal princess? Head to Scotland. The UK country, with its sweeping landscapes and GoT-inspiring medieval history, is an ideal destination for nuptials based on the fantasy series.

You can tie the knot in Doune Castle, a real-life castle in the city of Stirling. Game of Thrones Fans will instantly recognize the ancient building as the setting for the parts of the Stark family ancestral home of Winterfell.

If the thought of marrying your S.O. in a castle doesn’t get you feeling all excited and bridal-like, consider an outdoor wedding. Scotland is also home to Errol Park, located in Perthshire. The popular wedding venue provides a natural woodsy background that’s (arguably) the perfect substitute for Westeros and a great backdrop to say your “I Do’s.” Just don’t count on any dragon sightings or brilliant fires to introduce the bride and groom.

Errol Park also as an extensive walled garden with a selection of exotic plants and redwoods dating back to the early 1800s.  And the simple, yet elegant house you’ll find here was arguably the basis for “House Errol of Haystack Hall” in GoT, a noble house in the Stormlands that was one of the principal houses sworn to House Baratheon.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]To ensure that your magical ceremony is completely legit, do your research well in advance of the big day. Consider getting married in your home country before you jet off to the destination of your dreams, and don’t forget to consult with a lawyer, just to name a couple of requirements.[/perfectpullquote]

Consider a ‘King’s Landing Marriage Kickoff’ in Croatia

(Image via Flickr CC - Dennis Jarvis)

(Image via Flickr CC – Dennis Jarvis)

Feeling a bit more beachy? If so, then venture off to beautiful Croatia…Or the one thousand-plus islands off the Eastern European country’s coast. It was a major shooting location for the show from season two to season five and has now become a traveling hotspot.

Dubrovnik, one of Croatia’s most prominent cities, features unbeatable scenery, magnificent beaches, and some authentic GoT filming locations. The fairytale-like Bokar Fortress was used to represent the capital city of King’s Landing for not one, but two seasons.

You can stand on the shore of the Adriatic Sea in a light and flowy wedding dress and a delicate flower crown resting upon a hairstyle of loose and long tendrils. You can even embellish the look with a bouquet of deep purples, nude pinks, and lilac undertones like the true Queen of the North.

Lokrum Island, another Croatian and GoT must-visit destination, is located six hundred meters off the mainland. Fans will recognize it as the setting of the fictional city-state of Qarth, but the island is also a good place for a wedding reception…possibly one where each guests sip from gold-rimmed goblets filled with a delicious Game of Thrones-inspired champagne cocktail .

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Why not send your guests off with something they won’t easily forget? Frosted dragon eggs filled with goodies as party favors![/perfectpullquote]

How About ‘Northern Westeros’ Nuptials in Northern Ireland?

(Image via Flickr CC - William Marnoch)

(Image via Flickr CC – William Marnoch)

Ancient mystical cliffs, beautiful scenery, and good luck is just a taste of what you’ll experience on the Emerald Isle. Of course, Ireland can easily appeal to just about everyone with its versatile seasons, amazing history, and unsurpassable landscapes.

The historic farmyard of Castle Ward in County Down should especially appeal to Game of Thrones fans getting married. It was a stand in for Winterfell in the very first episode! But that’s not all; the Whispering Wood, Robb Stark’s Camp, and the Baelor battle were also filmed there. 

If you and your future spouse are adventurous risk-takers, consider Larrybane bay, an outdoor cliff as venue along Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route. It was the filming location for Renly Baratheon’s war camp in the Stormlands and offers a once-in-a-lifetime drive for your guests to the ceremony and/or reception, as well as the glorious soundtrack of the Northern Atlantic gently crashing against the age-old cliffs.

Another location to consider for reciting your vows (which might be said in Dothraki?) is the under the trees of the Dark Hedges in the town of Ballymoney in County Antrim. The section of road surrounded with hauntingly beautiful beach trees dates back to the 18th-century and was used as the setting for the Kingsroad in the second season.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]After the ceremony concludes and you all head to your seats (arranged by noble houses, of course), why not start your party off right with the Game of Thrones soundtrack for the full effect of what it’s really like to party in the Seven Kingdoms? [/perfectpullquote]

If you’re the type of bride- or groom-to-be who likes the darker aspects of GoT, then look into saying “I Do” at the legendary Tollymore Forest Park near the town of Newcastle. It’s home to ancient redwoods and Gothic stone arches AND where the show’s opening scene was filmed. The park is the perfect place for an outdoor medieval feast/wedding reception, served on a long wooden table, that you and your guests will NEVER forget.

Have a Wildling Wedding ‘North of the Wall’ in Iceland

Image via Flickr CC - Anita Ritenour

(Image via Flickr CC – Anita Ritenour)

With its magical scenery of frozen mountains and icy blue water, Iceland presents the ideal place for both a wedding and for Game of Thrones to film many of its intensely famous scenes. The show’s producers specifically chose Iceland as a filming location because they wanted the wintry terrain to look realistic instead of adding mountains or snow with editing in post-production. 

So if you’re a snow-loving bride/groom, bring your coats…especially if your dream wedding season is winter!

You can hold a magical, wintery GoT-inspired reception at one of the shooting locations for “North of the Wall,” like Northern Iceland’s Lake Myvatn (Don’t worry, no white walkers will ruin your wedding day), where the chilly, bitter Icelandic weather will most definitely call for a steaming flagon of mulled wine.

 For a more summer-centric wedding, check out Skaftafell National Park. Lying in the south of Iceland, the park is well known for its warm season scenery. It’s where they filmed Jon Snow’s battle against Qhorin Halfhand at the end of Season 2 and where you can present a decent GoT-themed dessert to your reception guests, like three-tiered cake topped with an iron throne or even a fire-breathing dragon.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In the end, no matter which location you choose, what food you serve, or what fashion you rock, what truly matters is marrying the LOVE of your life in the way you always imagined it. So, have fun with every aspect of your dream wedding, don’t be afraid to be bold, and most importantly, make sure YOU are happy. It’s your day, and you deserve nothing short of ultimate bliss.[/perfectpullquote]

Now that you’ve ‘GoT’ everything covered, there’s only one question left to be answered: Westeros or Essos for your spectacular Game of Thrones honeymoon?

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