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Don’t Forget Your Orange!


If you happen to have cheap tickets and be visiting Amsterdam at the end of April, you’re in for a big surprise. We hope you packed orange because there is a massive Dutch celebration in The Netherlands. (The Dutch wear the color orange to celebrate) This national holiday honors the Monarchy of The Netherlands- technically, the observed birthday of the Queen’s mother. Queensday 2013 is extra special because the current Queen abdicated and her son, the new King Willem-Alexander will be crowned- thus making the new holiday King’s Day. There is no avoiding this fun and celebratory holiday and Amsterdam is central to the events, even if the holiday is celebrated all around the country.

Free Market (Vrijmarkt)

The Dutch became famous for their ability to trade during the times of the Dutch Republic. We can say it’s in their blood and they especially love the free market. On this day, Dutch citizens can trade and sell freely on the streets. This unique opportunity presents itself only on Queensday. Explore the outer Canal streets to find vintage flea market like sales where you can buy random items like toys, old magazines or even an orange wig for Queensday!


We wish you the best of luck if you’re heading for Museumplein on Queensday. Normally, this space is always busy since it is the central spot for Dutch museums like the famous Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. This large public space invites almost 800,000 to celebrate Queensday concerts and live DJ performances. This largest festivity attracts popular music artists and DJs who throw one heck of a show for fans. If you love popular Electronic Music DJs like Armin Van Buren (Who is Dutch!), you will love the Museumplein festivities.

By the Canals

When in Amsterdam, a visit to the timeless Canals is a must. When in Amsterdam on Queensday, a visit to the Canals is absolutely necessary to get the full experience. Think of it like a massive parade on the water where boats bright in orange pass through the canals. Get a glimpse of the exaggerated costumes, typically Dutch music and overall fun spirit on the Canals. We guarantee a good laugh, since some people having too much fun may find themselves on a sinking boat!

Family Fun in the Vondelpark

If you thought Queensday was just a holiday to have drinks and be merry, think again. Queensday is a national holiday for everyone, especially the kids! Family friendly activities are held in Vondelpark; Amsterdam’s answer to Central Park. Kids will enjoy face painting, games and cultural performances. We especially love how kids take part in the free market as well and set up lemonade stands or musical performances to make nice chunk change!

Enjoy the Orange Madness Everywhere!

Honestly, the entire city of Amsterdam is a venue in itself for Queensday. The celebration is seen and felt the minute you step out of Amsterdam Central Station. If you had no idea it was Queensday, you will know right away. Join in on the madness and show your orange pride! There is a celebration everywhere, whether you decide to enjoy the Canals, visit a local Dutch pub or simply observe the madness- this is a day when everyone is Dutch!

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photo: cabron

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