“I Love You.”
“I Know.”
If you’re a true Star Wars fan, you’ll immediately recognize these romantic, famous words by characters Princess Leia and Han Solo. The beloved saga is celebrated by fans all around the world, but there does exist die-hard fans who incorporate Star Wars into all aspects of their lives…including weddings.

You might think it difficult or even near impossible to incorporate your Star Wars passion into a tasteful, elegant wedding (that isn’t too cheesy), but there is SO much you can do to have a successful, dream-worthy wedding day. It all starts with the location!

Just remember that unconditional love is central to a Jedi’s life, so you might say you’re encouraged to have a once in a lifetime Star Wars themed wedding….

Hotel Sidi Driss, Tunisia

Image via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0 – Panegyrics of Granovetter

The force is strong with this venue. It’s the perfect place for the most dedicated, hard-core Star Wars fans to host a wedding reception. Known for its ‘Berber’ style architecture, the Hôtel Sidi Driss is where many of the scenes set on Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine were filmed. It’s located in the southern village of Matmata, Tunisia, which is known for the friendliness of its people, as well as a stunning backdrop provided by its rural desert.

You’ll definitely get your fill of true Star Wars magic, proving this location as the best place to have the most authentic experience. And while you won’t see any Tusken Raidens or Jawas, with subterranean adobe caves providing accommodation, you and your guests will be thrilled to find some of the original Star Wars decorations, as seen in A New Hope and Attack of the Clones. With the Lars Dining Room and Beru’s Kitchen making a featured appearance, your imagination will take care of the rest, as you and your partner stare off into the Tuscan (Tatooine) sun set. You’ll also be surprised by how reasonably priced you’ll find the rooms are.

A great way to customize your wedding favors is with Star Wars-themed wine bottles! You can be as creative as you want, even having your guests’ names and/or your favorite characters labeled on the bottles themselves!

County Kerry, Ireland

Most Star Wars fans have probably heard of Skellig Michael, a historically famous island that immediately drew the films’ location manager (due to the island’s isolated feel and rocky attributes). It’s where Luke Skywalker sought solitude and was found at the end of The Force Awakens. Accommodating up to 150 tourists (or wedding guests, in this case) per day, it is essential to book your visit early, and remember that this specific location is dependent upon weather. Just imagine your romantic, picturesque drive along the coast as you make your way to the “Great Skellig.” You’ll soon discover how beautiful the Ring of Kerry route truly is, as you witness the mesmerizing peaks propelling up out of the water.

These islands provided a refuge for both monks and hermits (and Jedi Masters) who sought complete isolation from their communities. Skellig Michael is the larger of two incredible Skellig Islands located approximately seven miles off the west of County Kerry in southwest Ireland. Standing alone, the majestic islands exist in the Atlantic Ocean.

If want to really go the extra mile, you can hire stormtroopers to serve as part of your wedding party (if that’s a bit too “First Order” for you, a stormtrooper cake topper will do just fine). For a more understated Star Wars style, think about Darth Vader or Millenium Falcon cufflinks for the groom/groomsmen to keep them from being scruffy-looking Nerfherders. For the bride, a simplistic column-like dress with long lace sleeves, and a conservatively higher neckline is a great look to honor the ultimate OG space princess herself. Maybe even opt for the two side-bun Leia hairstyle? If that idea scares you, the flower girl could definitely rock the look. Because you can be a little short to be a stormtrooper, but not a princess, we’re already imagining the cuteness…

Redwood Forest, California

In the good ole US of A, there exists a redwoods haven, perfect for an outdoorsy bride who dreams of exchanging vows while surrounded by seemingly infinite trees and Ewok alike. What can you expect at this venue? Simply put, a wedding filled with natural wonders and breathtaking views. Don’t be surprised if it feels like you’ve taken a trip to a nearby forest moon on the outer rim of the galaxy. However, we can assure you that this venue definitely exists on Earth.

With enough space to host a massive amount of guests, California’s redwood forest offers you the options of crafting your celebration into a full blown ceremony or a more exclusive gathering. Complemented by the nearby running stream, peaceful pond, and rustic log cabin in proximity, this forest provides the perfect atmosphere to incorporate that Star Wars theme. Perhaps most significantly, this is where the Endor scenes from Return of the Jedi were filmed. More specifically, Del Norte county in California provided the backdrop where rebels and Ewoks fought the Empire.

It may seem almost impossible to imagine a wedding gown that incorporates a traditional aspect combined with a Star Wars touch… We’re here to tell you that we’ve got you covered… A lace bodice gently tied at the waist provides the perfect material and space to add a rhinestone covered broche, designed to look just like Darth Vader himself… without the breathing problems of course.

Lake Como, Italy

Saying “I Do” comes with a view at Villa Balbianello in Lake Como, Italy. What if we told you there lives a place surrounded by gorgeous scenery, where all your dreams will come true? What if we also told you that you and your soon-to-be spouse could recite your vows against the striking backdrop of the mountains and lakes, standing in the exact spot where Padme and Anakin secretly got married (in Attack of the Clones)? We dare you to try to find a better location for your perfect Star Wars wedding.

Followed by your reception at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, your day is guaranteed to be remembered forever. No matter your personal bridal style, this hotel will not disappoint. When you feel as if your special day has finally come to an end, there’s still a celebration to look forward to. Brunch on the lake the next morning is the perfect send-off to start the next chapter of your life. With the option to choose either the open T Bar terrace or the elegant Music Room, you’re given the perfect area to enjoy a signature Star Wars-inspired wedding cocktail, guaranteed to leave your guests feeling almost as happy as you. Arrivederci!

Calling all the fully trained Jedi, aka, the bridal party and groomsmen… We have an awesome idea that will, without a doubt, deem you the BEST wedding guests ever! As this special day comes to a close, and the bride and groom are ready to make their exit, they’re in for one more surprise. It’s time to form a magical recessional archway with… lightsabers! Who needs rice tossed at you for good luck when you have perhaps the most significant Star Wars object in existence?! We can’t think of a better way to start their happily ever after!

Disneyland, California or Disney World, Florida

Image via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0 – Josh Hallett

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been under five years since Star Wars (along with the rest of Lucasfilm) was purchased by Disney for $4 billion. Since then, fans have seen a franchise resurgence with the the launch of a new trilogy, a plethora of upcoming standalone movies, AND upcoming theme parks in both of the company’s iconic theme resorts in California and Orlando.

Set to open in 2019, Star Wars Land is said to be an interactive and immersive experience unlike any other. And if it’s going to be like other Disney properties, that means there will undoubtedly be wedding opportunites. Walking down the aisle at Disney Resorts is a big thing, so much so that if you can’t wait for the official theme park to open, you might want to think about having your special day at either Disneyland or Disney World–where you can actually request Disney characters to make an appearance at your reception (but not your ceremony). It’s unclear if you can ask for Darth Vader or Chewbacca to swing by, but if that’s not allowed you can still enjoy plenty of the Star Wars stuff that’s in the park now, including rides, character stage shows, and costume actors walking around and interacting with guests.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of R2-D2 or BB-8, you might want to think of incorporating a remote control toy version of one of the little guys in your wedding as the ring bearer…donning a bow-tie and all! As for the dessert, there’s nothing better than a beautiful, ornately hand-crafted Star Wars-themed cake, fully garnished with edible stars, light saber decor, and whatever else you could imagine. And, why not go full force by featuring a stormtrooper helmet as a centerpiece, for all of your wedding guests to enjoy.

May the force be with you…Always

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