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What You May Not Know About Paris, Flickr: agawdilim

You Don’t Have to Speak French in France!


Famous for its iron Eiffel Tower, romantic rendezvous described in movies and literature and for being a cosmopolitan city, one may think they know everything Paris has to offer. Whether you have visited more than once or even lived in the City of Lights, even local Parisians may not have done everything in Paris. Most tourists don’t even know odd facts about this large city that aren’t described in guide books. Looks like it will take another trip after reading about what you may not know in Paris to find out.

There is No Central Station: Europe is famous for its interconnecting train system that can take you from London to Germany and in between in comfort and efficiently. Famous central stations include Berlin Central Station; the largest crossing station in Europe. There is the Antwerp Central Station which is one of the most glorious infrastructures in the world. But even such a large and famous European city like Paris should have a central station. There is actually no central station but instead, six different stations that are not connected. If you happen to be traveling around Europe, make sure to know which station you’re going to.

You Really Don’t Have to Speak French: The official language of France is French and we’re telling you now that you don’t have to master it. French is a beautifully spoken language often studied in American high schools and widely practiced. It’s polite to know the useful phrases that will get you around, but there is no need to buy language books. The French are proud of their language, so don’t be offended if they don’t understand your French accent if you happen to use it.

You Can Take a Sewers Tour: Wait a minute; you thought we were going to talk about the wondrous splendor that is to see in Paris. With so many beautiful attractions and landscapes, who would think about taking a sewers tour? Made famous by Victor Hugos’ “Les Misrables,” the sewer system dates back to the 1300s. This slightly odorous experience will also teach you the history of Paris, like how the system was developed to keep cholera and the plague at bay. This is an alternate way to see Paris and its amazing labyrinth of underground tunnels and sewers that are essential to modern day life.

There is a Disneyland Paris: Remember when you were a kid and you begged your parents to take you to Disney? Imagine if they asked you which Disneyland you’d like to visit. We’re familiar with Disney World in Orlando and Disney Land in California, but the famous childhood amusement park goes beyond American borders. You can find Disneyland Paris just outside of the city with two theme parks, hotels and an entire entertainment complex. Now, what we really wonder is if Mickey and Minnie can speak French!

The “Je t’aime” Wall at Square des Abbesses: Synonymous with the city of Paris is the idea of romance and love. Is it the romantic ambiance of the old and historic city and its riverside views? Or maybe it’s the romantic French language that puts you in the mood. Nonetheless, you can get a slice of romance once more at the The “Je t’aime” wall at Square des Abbesses. Je t’aime translates to “I Love You” and at this wall; you’ll find all sorts of translations. This free and inspirational street art is a wall where “I Love You” is written in over 80 languages. It’s a representation of world peace and love for one another.

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