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What You Don’t Know about Miami

South Beach!


Miami can be one of those cities you can grow to know and love. It’s an excellent destination for a well-rounded vacation that includes sun, shopping and a sultry nightlife. Even if you happen to be a beach bunny that makes a few annual flights to Miami, you may not know everything about this internationally known city. Miami is more than just great beaches and the fun party lifestyle portrayed in film and television.
MiMo Boulevard
The most famous streets in Miami mostly reside in South Beach, otherwise known as SoBe. You’ll hear about the crowds on Washington Avenue or Collins Avenue, where are the party flockers are to be seen. Get away from the crowds and head to MiMo Boulevard; running from Biscayne Boulevard from 50th Terrace to 77th Street. This cute acronym stands for the Miami Modern Architecture. Explore this off the beaten path trail to get an example of the post-World War II modern architecture.
Miami Beach was a Mangrove Swamp
Photographs of the coastline in Miami can make anyone jealous with the bright white sand against the transparent, shimmery blue water. But, Miami did not always look like this. Miami Beach was actually a mangrove swamp before its development started in the 1920s. These mangroves are a complex ecosystem of tropical plants and shrubs that grow on coastal areas. Mangroves actually served a purpose; as a bugger from hurricanes and to prevent beach and soil erosion. They are also breeding territories for marine organisms, like shrimp and crab. Nonetheless, the mosquito infested swamps were demolished when the railroad system in Florida led down to Miami, allowing for the development of the city to truly begin.
Miami was the Only U.S. city Developed by a Woman
We now know that Miami was once a swampy area that was far away from the picturesque place it is today. But, what we don’t know is when or how it was discovered. The city of Miami was actually planned by a woman; and she was the only woman to develop a U.S. city. Julia Tuttle is the “Mother of Miami” having developed what would be America’s Riviera capital, after her husband’s death. She took a leading role in the movement to create a city on the river and to get the railroads to reach lower Miami.

Miami is Home to 150 Ethnicities and 60 Languages

Miami may have a particularly Spanish influence, due to the proximity of South America and especially Cuba, to the area. But, Miami is actually home to 150 ethnicities and over 60 languages are spoken here. The evidence of their presence is outstanding with Spanish music on the speakers of many clubs and the abundance of Cuban food. Other ethnicities that make their mark in Miami include Haitians with their area called Little Haiti, Bahamians who can hop over from The Bahamas and Jewish Miami.
There is No Recorded Temperature in Miami of Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit!
If you’re looking for a destination with pleasant weather year round (minus hurricane season), Miami is the place to go. This tropical monsoon climate is located above the Tropic of Cancer and the Gulf Stream, which allows for mild winters and warm annual temperatures. Even though summertime may be hot enough to get a long-lasting tan, it has never been hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Miami. Only once in 1942 did it reach 100 degrees, but it has never went over. This is perfect beach weather without turning into a lobster if you’re sun-sensitive!


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