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What to Love about Boston

Take in the Scenic Views of Harvard!


With the unfortunate recent events occurring in Boston, we turn to the positive to realize how great of a city Boston is. In tough times, we find hope in places, scenery and the familiar comforts of a city that has been through so much historical strife, and still remains a popular city tourists flock to year ‘round. Boston is loved for many reasons, especially in this time, but this is what we especially admire about the city of Boston.

Patriot Day

Every third Monday in April marks the anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolution in the 17th Century. It’s no surprise that this is also the date of the Boston Marathon; to commemorate the importance of this day.  This special holiday reminds Bostonians of how proud they are of their city. Even though the tragic recent events tried to damper the spirits of those celebrating, Patriot Day will always and forever be a reminder of the liberties Americans fought for years ago.

The Vibrant Neighborhoods

Boston is a large city; filled with diverse neighborhoods that were once originally towns when first developed. They each represent unique cultures or modern movements of those who inhabit the particular area.  Consider Downtown Boston as the place to be if you’re newly acquainted with the city; since it is the hub of tourist attractions. Find the student life in Mission Hill, or dig in to some delicious Italian food at North End. The possibilities are endless and any neighborhood in Boston is worth a visit, since you’ll always find something to do.

The Boston Tourist Experience

New York City is most synonymous with famous television shows and movie shots, but Boston is up there on that list. There are so many familiar scenes, actors and stories that take place in Boston. The best parts of “Love Story” are the scenic views of Cambridge and Harvard University. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon became famous for bringing Boston to life in “Good Will Hunting.” The most famous is probably Cheers; where everybody knows your name and you can actually visit the pub used in the exterior shots for the show.

The Historical Sights

We can easily nickname Boston the “city of historical sights,” because there are so many places that are vital to American history. Start with the epic Freedom Trail that takes you down a 2.5 mile walk through 16 historical sights. You literally follow the red brick road through the city to find these famous sights. Some sights include Paul Revere’s House, and Old North Church; the sight where the famous signal to Paul Revere was made to warn the Americans that the British were coming.

The Spirit of Boston

What is a Bostonian to a visitor observing the local lifestyle? They might be University students enrolled in institutes for higher education. (There are more college students per square foot in Boston than in any city). Perhaps they are proud Red Sox fans who love their team more than their spouse. Or maybe they have lived in Boston their entire lives descending from a long historical line of the first pioneers to land in what would later become America. There is one thing that unites them all and that is the love and spirit that is to be a Bostonian. It is a place you get to know and love and it’s no wonder why many continue to visit this thriving metropolis.

This post is dedicated to the city of Boston and those affected by the tragedy of the Boston Marathon 2013.

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