Today we saw this article about the top hipster hotels in Chicago for the affordable price of… $250 and under a night? Thus began a raucous argument in our office about what, exactly, a hipster is and what that definition means for the person accused. Fingers were pointed. Beards used as evidence. Lines were drawn. Alliances formed. Denials made. So we did the only logical thing to do in this situation: we made a quiz so that we could conclude our hipster hunt with relative certainty. What we found was that there are many kinds of hipsters in this great big would and, it turns out, each type would do best in a certain environment that best suits them.

So you like craft beer, vinyl, thrift shopping and working your remote job from a cafe but you’re trying to tell us that you’re not a hipster? Prove it. Take our quiz and see what kind of hipster you are – and where you should be living with your new title.


What did you get? Share your results with us in the comments below!

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